"The Bachelor" franchise is, to say the least, very interesting. Contestants on each season are handpicked for their shining personalities, and luckily for viewers, once a person is introduced into the Bachelor community, they are pretty much stuck in circulation, whether they end up on "Bachelor in Paradise" or in "The Bachelor Winter Games". You never have to say goodbye to your faves for too long.

Each contestant brings something new to the table, whether it be their emotional baggage, feisty nature, or big heart, so your favorite can honestly say a lot about yourself, and more importantly, your taste in beverages. So, make some room in your liquor cabinet because your Monday nights are about to get lit. Here's what you should be drinking based on your favorite "Bachelor" contestant. 

Dean Unglert: Colt 45 40 oz

Dean is a frat star. I know it, you know it, everyone knows it. And seeing that he's won over practically every girl he's talked to in Bachelor Nation, he's also kind of a f***boy. You know, like the one that walks around a party with two 40s duct-taped to both of his hands. No matter what he does, you know you'll always keep coming back for more because this man can do little wrong with a smile like that and eyes like those.

Emily and Haley Ferguson: Pink Lemonade Vodka

Meet Bachelor Nation's twins. These are the girls at the party that are a little too fun. They're a team, they do little without each other, or at least that's what Chris Harrison wants us to believe. You know what's also a good team? Lemonade and vodka. Cheers to that.

Lauren Bushnell: Vodka Water

I've learned from her breakup with Ben that she's not the quiet girl we met on his season. She's ridiculous stylish, ready to slay, and beautiful. She's a refreshing glass of water, but hiding behind all that is a little vodka lurking in the background ready to attack. They always warn us of the quiet ones.

Raven Gates: Rosé

RAVEN IS JUST ALWAYS A BALL OF SUNSHINE. She can literally be talking smack with some of the other girls in her posse, and yet she's smiling. She's goofy, and everyone loves her. Rosé will for sure give you a case of her contagious giggles.

Alex Bordyukov: Moscow Mule

Alex made my heart skip a beat too many times to even count. What a specimen of a man—my jaw hit the floor every time he popped up on the screen. You can't resist his steamy Russian flair, but his authenticity is also pretty damn refreshing. He's just an overall fan favorite, like a trusty Moscow mule.

Taylor Nolan: Whiskey Sour

Taylor was one of those contestants that at first, wasn't very likable. Maybe she wasn't even the contestant you liked at all during Nick's season. However, she definitely became a favorite during BIP where her love story with Derek bloomed. She might be described as sour, but the more you got to see her, the more you realized her honestly and truthfulness that really opened her up to be a great contestant.

Jojo Fletcher: Champagne Vodka

Everyone loves Joelle. She's a party, and yes, she had her meltdowns in both of her seasons, but she always seemed to be level-headed and excited for the ride. She's a glass of champagne with a shot of vodka, she's elegant but also wild. She's not afraid of letting her hair down, and nothing can be better than that.

Amanda Stanton: Chardonnay

Can anyone unhear Josh growling with Amanda midst make-out sessions that lasted ALL season of BIP? Oh well, she's still one of my favorites with her adorable kids and fabulous style. She's a chic mom, who you will definitely spot at happy hour with her daughters' friends' moms drinking glasses of Chardonnay.

Jordan Rodgers: Scotch

I'm not going to say I knew Jordan was going to win from the moment I saw him, but I knew I always wanted him to. When he won over Jojo's heart, I died. He was a professional football player, and like the strong players running at him on the field, he can take a strong drink. He doesn't seem like the shots type though, he comes off like the classy scotch at the bar type of guy.

Wells Adams: IPAs

He definitely loves his fair share of mixed beverages, and we know that he definitely made a good few on BIP. However, I think his ideal is listening to music while sipping on a good beer. But not just any beer, an IPA. IPA's have a pretty unique taste, just like Wells' personality. 

Alexis Waters: Mojito

Alexis is the definition of fun, and definitely never took herself too seriously. You might remember that she famously dressed up as a literal shark and called herself a dolphin, and that was her first impression. Like a mojito, everyone loves her. I would want her at my party.

Robby Hayes: Moscato 

I liked Robby because I liked to make fun of Robby. Sorry not sorry. He was just too clean cut, and his feelings for Jojo escalated so quickly it felt inauthentic. I just thought overall he was basic and easy to like, but at the same time, easy to move on and move forward from. Moscato, for many, is a beginner's wine, and sure it's good for those college jumbo bottle days, but those days have their end date, and it's coming up.

Corrine Olympios: Mimosa

Can we all just agree that Corrine brunches? And she takes brunches seriously, whether it's at Zuma, American Social, or Casa Tua. Everyone loved to hate her early on in the season, and then everyone loved to love her and her hilarious one-liners. Mimosas are a little like her in the sense that you think you'll only have one, but two hours later, you're asking your waiter at Bottomless brunch to bring you more. 

Ashley Iaconetti: Merlot

Ashley I. is, was, and might always be a little misunderstood. Between several tear-filled seasons, she FINALLY found a relationship with the man of her dreams, Jared. Red wine is definitely an acquired taste, but honestly, so is she. And doesn't red wine feel like the perfect drink for a person in love?

Peter Kraus: Old Fashioned

Everyone loves a good Old Fashioned—whiskey, sugar, and bitters. Some would call him old fashioned because he didn't think knowing someone for six weeks laid a solid enough foundation for engagement, but most would call him sane. His salt and pepper hair also added maturity to his look, and boy, was it a look. 

Joe Amabile: Dark and Stormy

Grocery store Joe counts as a former bachelor contestant, right? He recently made his debut on Becca's season, but was unfairly booted on the first night. America's latest sweetheart, tall dark and handsome deserved better, but now he probably has more dates and business than ever. His experience on the show wasn't ideal, but I have a feeling he's doing just fine. 

People across Bachelor Nation gather every Monday night with wine glasses in hand and cheese platters on coffee table, eager to see their Bachelor/Bachelorette "fall in love" under the hopeful eye of Chris Harrison. I don't know how Harrison does it, but every season is filled with laughter, tears, and drama that keeps viewers coming back for more. And there is no better way to get excited for a Monday night than with some quality reality television and this former bachelor contestant drinking menu.