We college students know all too well that the price of eggs has skyrocketed over the past few months due to a recent avian flu outbreak. While this protein source used to be a cheap and easy way to get in those extra nutrients, it’s no longer sustainable on a college student budget. So what does that have to do with Taylor Swift?

What did Trevor Noah say to Taylor Swift about eggs at the Grammys?

This past Sunday, Grammy’s host Trevor Noah made a joke to Swift about the egg crisis that didn’t exactly land. Noah started by commenting on the dedication of Swift’s fans, who call themselves Swifties. “I’ve got to tell you, Taylor, you have the best fans in the world,” Noah said. “I mean, what they did with Ticketmaster, what they might do for artists all over the world, what they might do for fans who want to go to concerts is amazing.” Of course, Noah was referring to the Ticketmaster controversy surrounding ticket sales for Swift's upcoming Eras Tour that ended up in the hands of the Justice Department.

Noah went on to question how much power Swifties truly have, asking Swift, “I’m just wondering once they’re done with this, can you get them to handle the price of eggs?” While viewers at home likely chuckled, the joke didn’t seem to have the same effect on Swift.

Trying to play along, Swift replied, praising her fans by stating: “There’s really nothing that they can’t accomplish. They’ll get on it, just tell them what you need.” At this point, Grammy’s watchers were still giving Swift the benefit of the doubt, thinking if anything, she was glad for the opportunity to address her persistent fanbase.

But when Noah got to his punchline, it was clear Swift was confused. Looking into the camera, Noah jokingly said, “Swifties: price of eggs, down! You go after those chickens.” Beside him, Swift seemed dumbfounded, shaking her head and mouthing “I don’t know” to the camera.

Why was Taylor Swift confused about egg prices at the Grammys?

While some are outraged that Swift doesn’t know about the current egg crisis, calling her out of touch with reality, others are sympathetic, noting that Swift likely hasn’t gone grocery shopping in years and doesn’t know any better. Still others are jealous of Swift’s lack of egg price knowledge, with one Twitter user noting, “Taylor Swift blissfully unaware of the price of eggs I wish I was her.”

Whatever your stance is on Swift’s egg debacle, it’s clear that Swifties are dedicated to the cause Noah has set out for them. Swiftie TikTok creator Steven Sullivan jokingly tweeted “Omw to lower the price of eggs because Taylor Swift said I could.” Similarly, another Twitter user offered “We usually only handle @taylorswift13’s Easter eggs but guess we could work on the price of eggs…”

I wouldn’t put it past Swifties to solve the egg crisis given the way they collected evidence against Ticketmaster after the Eras Tour ticket disaster. Swift might not know about the escalating prices of eggs, but regardless, Swifties have her back and are willing to make change on her behalf. Maybe this whole misunderstanding will lead to us all being able to enjoy an omelet without paying a premium.