Eggs are supposed to be that one item at the grocery store that you can count on to be plentiful and cheap. But with an avian flu outbreak in February affecting more than 57 million chickens, a shortage has driven up prices. That, along with inflation, means an omelette for breakfast is all of a sudden way bougier (a.k.a super expensive) than caviar bumps.

Some grocery stores are limiting the number of cartons that can be purchased per customer, while others have shelves that are near empty. If you can, try purchasing your weekly dozen from a local farm. It may be cheaper and the chances of the avian flu hitting their flock is lower.

While you probably won't be whipping up a recipe laden with eggs like quichemacarons, or fresh pasta dough anytime soon, you can find humor in the cracked up prices. For that, we turn to Twitter. Here are the best tweets about the egg shortage to whisk you out of chicken cheerlessness. 

1. When egging your neighbors is too expensive.

Now, throwing eggs at houses is considered generous, as long as the homeowners can catch them before they crack.

2. He splurged.

Two months salary for a ring? No, just splurge on a carton of eggs to show your love.

3. Oh, that chick is fancy now.

These chickens are really feeling fancy.

4. Treat me to the egg aisle.

Treat your date to a night in the egg aisle. Maybe even purchase a dozen.

5. Lock up what's important.

Anybody seen Kaleidoscope? You're going to need that type of security for a dozen eggs now.

6. Valentine's Day, covered.

A box of chocolates? A dozen roses? No, I want a carton of eggs.

7. The egg-tremity of it all.

And they aren't even free-range!

8. Some recipes are too much.

Well, no quiche tonight.

9. Egg purchases deserve to be celebrated.

What? No fireworks?