If you ever happen to be a passenger in my car, I can guarantee you that a shuffled mess of Taylor Swift songs will be playing pretty much the entire time. If you ever see me walking to class listening to music, you can bet that I'm mentally strutting to Reputation or jamming out to Fearless (Taylor's Version, of course).

Needless to say, I am so ecstatic about the release of Red (Taylor's Version), and with Thanksgiving, the ultimate foodie holiday and my personal favorite, coming up, I felt compelled to combine the two. So if you were just dying to know which Thanksgiving food you are based on your favorite song from the masterpiece that is Red (Taylor's Version), here you have it.

"State of Grace" = Charcuterie Board

While a charcuterie board is not the most signature Thanksgiving food, it is the perfect way to start a Thanksgiving meal, just as "State of Grace" is the perfect opener for Red (Taylor's Version). It's fun, it's bold, and it starts off the album with an explosion of emotion and metaphors that make you excited for what's to come.

"All Too Well" = Turkey

"All Too Well" presents an interesting paradox. While it wasn't a mainstream radio hit back in the day like "I Knew You Were Trouble." or "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," it's still considered a fan favorite for die-hard Taylor Swift fans. Therefore, it's both overrated and underrated at the same time, much like the classic Thanksgiving turkey. I feel like turkey is not many people's favorite Thanksgiving dish, yet without it, it just wouldn't be Thanksgiving, would it?

"22" = Mashed Potatoes

Unlike "All Too Well," "22" is unarguably overrated. It's fun and definitely foreshadowed the pop genius of an album, 1989, that followed two years later, but it's really nothing special. Now, this might be controversial, but I feel the same way about mashed potatoes. They're bland, don't have much texture, and while I always make sure to have some on my plate, I don't typically go back for seconds. Nevertheless, they're a classic and a staple, just like "22."

"Treacherous" = Stuffing

Both "Treacherous" and stuffing are widely under-appreciated. I've always thought of stuffing as the most versatile Thanksgiving dish. You can use any kind of bread and a wide variety of other add-ins, yet it always turns out delicious. However, stuffing is usually overshadowed by turkey and mashed potatoes, and I think it's time we change that. The same is true for "Treacherous." While "All Too Well" is certainly a masterpiece, the bridge of "Treacherous" is so powerful and deserves way more love than it gets.

"Starlight" = Mac and Cheese

"Starlight" just feels like mac and cheese. It's a typical warm and fuzzy love song, and there's nothing too complicated about it. It's just a fun song to listen and dance around to, and it's based on a picture of Ethel and Bobby Kennedy in the 1940s, so it has that nostalgic factor as well. When I think of nostalgic foods, mac and cheese is definitely at the top of the list, making it the perfect match for "Starlight."

"Holy Ground" = Sweet Potato Casserole

When I think about "Holy Ground," I'm reminded of how sweet and fun it is, which is just like sweet potato casserole. I've never been the biggest fan of sweet potatoes, but my family makes them with cinnamon, nuts, bananas, and marshmallows for Thanksgiving, and they're absolutely delicious. The typical marshmallows on top make this so-called "sweet" vegetable actually live up to its name. "Holy Ground" just makes me want to dance, and honestly, sometimes sweet potato casserole is so good that it does, too.  

"Stay Stay Stay" = Brussels Sprouts

"Stay Stay Stay" is over-hated, but I think it could be an up-and-coming favorite with the release of Red (Taylor's Version). It has the potential to be the next Brussels sprouts. Brussels sprouts were once thought of as bitter little cabbages, but in recent years, they have become one of the trendiest foods that every restaurant has its own twist on, regardless of cuisine. Personally, I am a fan of both "Stay Stay Stay" and Brussels sprouts, so I would love to see this redemption arc pan out.

"Red" = Cranberry Sauce

Besides the obvious fact that cranberry sauce is red, this side dish actually has deeper similarities with the title track. They both contain strong opposing ideas, which are the sweet and tart flavors of cranberry sauce and the good and bad emotions that go along with a complicated relationship in the case of "Red." 

"Begin Again" = Pumpkin Pie

"Begin Again" is the perfect ending to the original songs of Red (Taylor's Version), just as pumpkin pie is the best way to end a Thanksgiving meal. The song is about starting over and being optimistic about future relationships, which contrasts with many of the other songs on the album that deal with breakups and toxic relationships. It leaves you feeling calm and satisfied like that perfect slice of pumpkin pie.

Hope everyone enjoys this Thanksgiving and all 30 songs of Red (Taylor's Version) out now!