What’s a true Thanksgiving without stuffing yourself with so much stuffing you have to be rolled away from the table? I know I love it, but until recently, I didn’t know too much about stuffing aside from the fact that I should wear my stretchiest pants to Thanksgiving in order to enjoy as much of it as possible. Here’s your guide to the different combination of bread + spices.

Stuffing dates back to the Roman Empire (the Romans stuffed not just poultry but also rodents — I’ll pass on stuffed dormouse, thankyouverymuch). Popular in Europe (and often called “dressing” in England), the Pilgrims incorporated stuffing into their holiday repertoire, and we continue to enjoy it today.

Types of Stuffing:
Your family and regional traditions probably dictate what kind of stuffing you’ll be eating come Thanksgiving, but here’s what you could be missing:

Bread Stuffing: Bread-based stuffing is common, found all around the country. White, wheat or rye bread is combined with onion, celery and poultry seasoning.

Corn Bread Stuffing: Cornbread-based stuffing is a southern tradition. It often contains fresh herbs or dried fruit to bring out the cornbread’s natural sweetness.

Rice Stuffing: Another southern favorite, rice stuffing is also common around the Great Lakes region and has a unique texture. Try mixing it with nuts, dried fruits or mushrooms.

If you’re like me (let’s just say my claim to fame will not involve cooking), you can get stuffed with stuffing by picking up a box of Stove Top and following the simple instructions: boil water and butter, add the mix and let it cook. I promise it’ll taste almost as bomb.