Summer is a short 93 days. Take advantage of the heat, the beach and being able to forget all of your responsibilities. Here are 15 recipes for summer drinks that will help you with the latter. 

1. Cherry Watermelon Sangria 

cocktail, ice, juice, mint, alcohol, lemon, liquor, wine, sweet, lime
Haley Abram

Ditch the classic sangria this summer and opt for a cherry watermelon sangria. This version is much cooler and lighter and pairs perfectly with an outdoor dinner. 

2. Frosé

cocktail, juice, ice
Caroline Early

Rosé is great and all, but no one wants a lukewarm glass of wine on a hot summer day. This frozen rosé (aka frosé) recipe will knock off the edge during the summer season. 

3. Raspberry Mojito 

mint, cocktail, ice, juice, alcohol, liquor, lemon, rum, soda, lime
Anvita Reddy

A mojito is already a great summer drink, but why not take advantage of the fact that raspberries are in season over the summer months. Really, the only additional step to this mojito recipe is muddling the raspberries. 

4. Spicy Margarita 

juice, cocktail, tequila, lime, wine, alcohol, liquor, lemon, ice, beer
Parsa Lotfi

Every once and awhile you'll need to switch up your cocktail from the fruity type. This margarita recipe includes jalapeños to give it a spicy flare. The men at your BBQ will surely enjoy this drink. 

5. New York Cocktail 

coffee, cocktail, ice, martini

For all you whiskey lovers, this recipe (and the next two) is for you! The New York cocktail is a great summer option if you're still looking to get your whiskey fix in. 

6. Mint Julep 

mint, ice
Kritika Narula

The mint julep is definitely a summer go-to. Whiskey doesn't always need to be on the rocks and drank by the fire (although a bonfire still could be nice!). 

7. Fresh Whiskey Sour 

alcohol, whisky, wine, liquor, beer, maple syrup, syrup
Christin Urso

All of you who are anti-whiskey are probably hating me right now, but these three whiskey recipes will make you love it. Enjoy a whiskey sour on the rocks by the pool on a lounge chair and I'm sure you'll have no complaints. 

8. Kiwi or Pineapple Mojito 

cocktail, juice, smoothie, mint
Kailla Coomes

The recipes to the these mojitos are simple and all you have to do is switch out the kiwi for pineapple to change the flavor. 

9. Sangria Slushy 

strawberry, smoothie, juice, sweet, cocktail, berry, ice
Courtney Lailey

Feel yourself craving a smoothie, but need to take the edge off? Try this sangria slushy smoothie. 

10. Strawberry Lemon Agua Fresca 

juice, strawberry
Lara Schwieger

You'll surely get hooked on this agua fresca recipe. Nothing's bad with a splash of tequila, am I right!?

11. Peach Watermelon Agua Fresca 

juice, cocktail, smoothie, sweet
Kathleen Lee

If strawberry lemon isn't your cup of tea (or should I say pick of poison?), than try the peach watermelon version of the agua fresca. 

12. Coconut Creamsicle Margarita 

ice, sweet, juice, cocktail
Katie Elliott

I don't know about you, but I want to flip a bottle of Corona into this margarita to make a drink for the centuries. 

13. Champagne Popsicles 

juice, sweet, apple, tea, ice
Alice Jones

If you're feeling lazy, but still want to have a trendy drink, then I suggest champagne popsicles. The two ingredients are champagne (of your choice) and a popsicle (of your choice). You can try lots of different combos this summer. 

14. Pink Lemonade Booze Slushy 

juice, cocktail, ice, sweet, lemon, strawberry, lemonade, mint, alcohol, lime
Katie Zizmor

Cool off this summer with this pink lemonade boozy slushy recipe. 

15. Cilantro Lime Booze Slushy 

parsley, vegetable, herb
Katie Zizmor

Break out your blender because here's another boozy slushy for you to try this summer. This one's a cilantro lime twist off. 

#SpoonTip: Spoon University does not support binge drinking or underage drinking. Please drink responsibly, 21+ friends!