One of my guilty pleasures is scrolling on Facebook during class and watching those viral food videos about crazy concoctions throughout the world. Perhaps the most iconic and famous of those treats is Serendipity's $1,000 sundae. Serendipity is a New York staple, famous for serving up some pretty indulgent frozen treats. Since watching that video featuring their Golden Opulence Sundae, Serendipity has been on my bucket list, but thankfully I didn't even have to leave my home to get a taste of what Serendipity is all about.

I was so excited when Serendipity Brands reached out and informed me that they've partnered with the iconic NY establishment to release gourmet ice cream pints inspired by their NYC menu. For just $5.99, you can pick up a pint and experience Serendipity in all its glory. And guess where you can find these decadent treats? None other than your local 7-Eleven. Yes, this convenience store is your gateway into a world of luxury. Here's a breakdown of all eight flavors.

Frrrozen Hot Chocolate

Besides its $1,000 sundae, Serendipity is perhaps best known for its Frrrozen Hot Chocolate. This crowd favorite is an icy, creamy take on your go-to winter beverage. Think: the best chocolate milkshake you've ever had but even creamier, with chocolate bits and marshmallow fluff, topped with whipped cream and even more chocolate shavings. Though you can make your own at home, save yourself the effort and pay a visit to your local 7-Eleven for a pint of Frrrozen Hot Chocolate to get a taste of why Serendipity 3 is a crowd (and celebrity!) favorite.

Birthday Cake

If you're a fan of all things funfetti, then boy do I have the ice cream for you. The second most popular right behind the Frrrozen Hot Chocolate, Serendipity's Birthday Cake ice cream will make you want to celebrate when you give it a try. Bits of cake and frosting are swirled throughout the base of the ice cream, and with the addition of sprinkles, it's a nostalgic, fun, and aesthetically-pleasing treat.

Forbidden Broadway Sundae

I live by a basic motto: There's no such thing as too much chocolate. Thankfully, Serendipity seems to agree with me. The Forbidden Chocolate Sundae is so sinfully indulgent that it ought to be forbidden—once you dig in, you'll find yourself several spoonfuls deep. The dark chocolate ice cream pairs perfectly with the chewy brownie bites, a midnight snack of dreams.

Vanilla Vogue

"Vanilla." It's usually used as an insult for things that are considered boring or uneventful, but when done well, nothing quite hits the spot like good ole vanilla. Serendipity's take on vanilla is the best vanilla ice cream I've ever had. The ice cream itself is velvety smooth, and the vanilla flavor is subtle yet pronounced. Serendipity very clearly makes its ice cream from high-quality ingredients, as especially evidenced in its Vanilla Vogue flavor.

Strawberry Fields Sundae

As a kid, whenever my Mom bought a pint of Neapolitan ice cream, I'd eat the chocolate and vanilla, leaving the strawberry virtually untouched. However, Serendipity is making me question my preference with its Strawberry Fields Sundae, which is what strawberry cheesecake would taste like, but in ice cream form. It's rich from the cheesecake bites and luscious base, but refreshing from the real strawberry pieces.

Outrageous Banana Split

One of my fondest childhood memories is biking to the ice cream store a mile or so away from the house with my dad and sharing a banana split sundae. Serendipity's Outrageous Banana Split flavor elevates that childhood classic. The fresh strawberries and real banana flavor taste make it feel like you're in one of those old-fashioned ice cream parlors, eating at a booth. Plus, the fudge swirls are a real treat. When you're plowing through this pint and find one of those chocolatey pockets, it's like you've found hidden treasure.

Cafe Espresso Chip

Coffee ice cream, I've found, is a very polarizing food: You either love it or you hate it. I'm typically in the latter camp, because if I'm going to have ice cream, it's going to be sweet. Coffee, for me, is just too bitter. What I liked about the Cafe Espresso Chip flavor that Serendipity offers is that the coffee flavor, although prominent, isn't super bitter. Plus, there are tons of chocolate chunks, so it tastes more like a mocha than anything. Coffee ice cream lovers, this is your ice cream. 

Humble Pie

My personal favorite out of all of Serendipity's flavors, Humble Pie has all that I want and need out of a dessert: ice cream, chocolate, and peanut butter. As a peanut butter aficionado, this ice cream flavor has my stamp of approval. The base is infused with peanuts, so there's no shortage of peanut butter flavor. The peanut butter swirls throughout the ice cream are slightly salty, cutting through the sweetness of the ice cream and chocolate chunks. It's so addictive that I finished this pint within a week, and am lusting for more. Thank God I can hop over to the 7-Eleven just a few blocks away from Northwestern's campus and buy a pint for those days where only Serendipity's Humble Pie can hit the spot.

Craving ice cream yet? I thought so. Go ahead and try out one of Serendipity's high-indulgence, high-quality, and highly-addictive ice creams, available in participating 7-Elevens and ShopRites nationwide. You can thank me later.