Ice cream is just about my favorite thing in the world. I love it so much that my dad once said to me that he'd know I found "the one" when I looked at a guy the same way I look at ice cream. Whenever I travel, I make sure to order ice cream at all the places that we stop at, researching first to make sure I find the best ice cream sundae out there. So basically, I'm kind of an expert. Here's where to get the best ice cream sundae in every single state.

Alabama: Cammie's Banana Split

There's no better way to start out a sundae article than with the classic banana split. Plus, all of Cammie's ice cream is homemade, which makes it instantly cooler and better. 

Alaska: Coppa's Chautauqua Ice Cream

A lemon meringue ice cream with graham crackers present throughout, Coppa's ice cream tastes just like a scrumptious lemon meringue pie, which we all know goes best with a graham cracker crust. 

Arizona: Churn's Fat Elvis Sundae

Churn's Fat Elvis Sundae has peanut butter ice cream, salted caramel, bananas, whip cream, and chocolate rocks? I don't think ice cream can get any better than this, folks. 

Arkansas: Scoop Dog's Chocolate Lab

When I heard that Scoop Dog named all of their sundaes after canine breeds, I knew that I had to go. Their chocolate lab sundae with Oreos and hot fudge is a stroke of chocolatey genius. 

California: Salt & Straw's Brown Butter Blondie Sundae Sundae

At Salt & Straw's, the salty component is just as important as the sweet one. Brown butter may be super sweet, but the extra bit of salt added to the Brown Butter Blondie Sundae just makes it even better. 

Colorado: Little Man's Bourbon Street Sundae

I've had few sundaes quite as exciting as Little Man's Mardi Gras speciality sundae. For an extra bonus, you can help the world out by eating ice cream with their Scoop for Scoop program. 

Connecticut: A.C. Petersen's Apple Pie Sundae

There's nothing I wouldn't do for some homemade apple pie with some ice cream on top. So when I heard A.C. Petersen's had an apple pie sundae, it shot to the top of the list. It was everything that I hoped it would be. 

Delaware: Caffè Gelato's Salted Caramel Sundae

Caffè Gelato's ice cream sundaes look like art and they taste even better. The chocolate accompanying the ice cream is both tasty and beautiful. Besides, there's no better flavor than salted caramel. 

Florida: Swensen's Oreo'ver Load Sundae

While I don't believe that you can actually overload on Oreos, Swensen's sundae makes me want to try. Check out their website for even more fabulous flavors. 

Georgia: The Frosty Caboose's Crack in the Tracks

I'm an astrology nut, so while the fact that the sundaes at the Frosty Caboose are train themed got me interested, the fact that their website tells you what ice cream you are based on your zodiac sign got me sold. This place is especially great to bring kids. 

Hawaii: Lappert's Luck of the Irish Sundae

Even though Lappert's always has great sundaes, it's the seasonal sundaes that are the most over the top and therefore the best. This hodgepodge of flavors will blow your mind. 

Idaho: Ice Cream Alley's Make Your Own Sundae

There's nothing better than getting to pick your own flavors and toppings for a sundae, and Ice Cream Alley lets you do that, but also gives you lots of ice cream for not a lot of money. It's worth every penny (ice cream always is). 

Illinois: Margie's Candies' Fudge Atomic Sundae

Fudge. So much fudge that you'll feel like you're drowning in it (which should be a bad feeling but it's an amazing one). Plus, Margie's Candies makes their own ice cream and has a long history. A history so long that figures such as Al Capone and the Beatles visited the place back in the day. 

Indiana: Sundae's Reese's Mountain

Regardless of how Reese's is pronounced, pretty much everyone can agree their peanut butter cups are one of the best candies out there. Sundae's combines it with ice cream for the perfect sundae to live up to their name. 

Iowa: Wilton Candy Kitchen's Greek Super Sundae

Wilton Candy Kitchen is the oldest ongoing ice cream shop in the world. If that's not reason enough to visit for history's sake, then their delicious Greek Super Sundae surely is. 

Kansas: Cirque du Sucre's End of Summer Sundae

This is one of the most elaborate sundaes I've ever had the pleasure of tasting. Aside from the ice cream and the peach sauce, there are meringues and a macaron ice cream sandwich. Cirque du Sucre is one of my favorites on this entire list. 

Kentucky: Crank & Boom's Berry Berry Cheesecake

I'm always down for some blackberry ice cream and Crank & Boom fulfills just that wish with this Berry Berry Cheesecake Sundae. The blondie bar that goes with it is an extra bonus. 

Louisiana: Green Goddess's Bacon Sundae

Another strange but delicious combination, the Green Goddess offers a bacon sundae. Do breakfast and dessert go together? I guess you're going to have to try it to find out. 

Maine: Mount Dessert Island's Peanut Butter Hot Fudge Sundae

Peanut butter and hot fudge is a timeless combination that Mount Dessert Island absolutely nails. The chocolate sprinkles combine perfectly with the rest of the flavor to create something playful and reminiscent of childhood. 

Maryland: The Charmery's Child Support Sundae

Not only does the Charmery often donate a portion of their profits to good causes such as this sundae which supported the Baltimore Child Abuse center, it also has delicate decorations that create a masterpiece you'll want to both save and eat. 

Massachusetts: Max Brenner's Chocolate Sundae

There's nothing better than chocolate on top of chocolate on top of chocolate. Chocolate happens to be Max Brenner's specialty and it certainly shows in this amazing chocoholic sundae. 

Michigan: Mooville's Hocus Pocus Sundae

Mooville is especially great for kids as it doesn't just have ice cream but also a petting zoo. The ice cream is all made fresh and the hocus pocus sundae is made using liquid nitrogen. 

Minnesota: Adele's Turtle Sundae

Turtle Sundaes may be a classic, but Adele's serves one of the best I've ever had. While it may be served with custard rather than true ice cream, the creaminess only adds to the overall sundae. Their motto is literally "ice cream made better". 

Mississippi: Velvet Cream aka the Dip's Banana Cream Pie Sundae

Velvet Cream, which is called the Dip by locals, is one of the few ice cream shops I know which uses bananas in ways other than a banana split....and the result is delicious. 

Missouri: Fountain on Locust's Sundae Gambler

The Fountain on Locust has all the excitement and the beautiful decor to make you feel like you're in a top-class casino. One of the items on their menu is the Sundae gambler, which is basically a way of saying you should test your luck and get a surprise Sundae. If you'd rather play it safe, the Stutz is also scrumptious. 

Montana: Big Dipper's Salted Chocolate Caramel Brownie Sundae

Not only do Big Dipper's brownies go amazingly with their salted caramel ice cream, they also offer the option of having a sundae in a mason jar. That can make absolutely anything tastier. 

Nebraska: eCreamery's Dundee Dozen

Up for a challenge? eCreamery offers this ginormous Sunday with 12 scoops of ice cream and 12 toppings. You have 20 minutes to eat it all. Even if you don't finish, every bite will be amazing. 

Nevada: Sweet Addiction's Take me to the Circus

The bright colors in Sweet Addiction's take me to the circus sundae immediately drew me to it, bringing back memories of childhood and cotton candy. It tasted everything like I imagined it would and is certainly the best ice cream sundae in Nevada. 

New Hampshire: Memories' Cider Donut Sundae

Cider is one of the main reasons I look forward to fall and Memories has recreated it in an ice cream flavor. With both fall and summer already combined, this may as well be the best ice cream sundae for any season. 

New Jersey: Zita's Heath Bar Sundae

There's nothing better than a bunch of ice cream drowned in your favorite candy. Zita's has tons of toppings and flavors to choose from, so you can make the perfect sundae. 

New Mexico: Flying Star Café's Blondie Sundae

This is honestly one of the best ice cream sundaes I've had in my life. It was incredibly rich and every flavor worked together perfectly. The caramel and hot fudge on top made Flying Star Café's sundae unbeatable. 

New York: Serendipity 3's Can't Say No Sundae

In New York City, it's pretty much go big or go home. Serendipity 3 certainly goes big and it shows. Their Can't Say No sundae is full of peanut butter goodness and downright irresistible. 

North Carolina: Lumpy's Brownie Sundae

There's nothing better than sweet, cold ice cream on top of a nice, warm brownie. Lumpy's nails their temperatures for a delectable treat that melts in the mouth. This sundae is a must-try. 

North Dakota: Polar King's Dusty Road Sundae

Marshmallow fluff can be a lot on its own, but when combined with ice cream the way Polar King does it, it can easily become the best ice cream sundae in North Dakota. 

Ohio: Lickity Split's Reese's Pieces Cyclone

Sadly I couldn't find a photo of Lickity Split's Reese's Pieces Cyclone, but trust me when I say that it's one of the best ice cream sundaes you'll ever have. The banana split pictured above is surely equally as tasty. 

Oklahoma: Braum's Circus Animal Cookie Sundae

While you may be able to find Braum's all over in Oklahoma, that doesn't take away from how delicious their sundaes are. Bring out the inner child with their circus animal cookie sundae. 

Oregon: Fairley's Pharmacy's Coffee Sundae

If you're a coffee lover, this is definitely the sundae for you. Fairley's espresso dusting on top makes the sundae especially powerful and certainly something to remember. 

Pennsylvania: The Jigger Shop's Death by Chocolate Sundae

If I had to choose the way I was going to die, I would definitely choose too much chocolate. The Jigger Shop anticipated this and created the death by chocolate sundae, which is a must-try. 

Rhode Island: Tasty Freez's Extreme Sundae

Why have a sundae when you can have an extreme sundae? Taste Freez's extreme sundaes are absolutely delicious and customizable. I recommend the butterscotch topping. 

South Carolina: Damon's Cookie Sundae

While Damon's Grill may have the best ribs in Rhode Island, they also have the best ice cream sundae. Remember to order this at the beginning of your meal so they have time to make it. 

South Dakota: Armadillo's "The Tiger" 

I've never been to an ice cream parlor with as many sundae options as Armadillo's. There were almost too many to decide. If you love Reese's Pieces & peanut butter cups and a good drenching of caramel as much as I do, the Tiger is the sundae for you. 

Tennessee: Adele's Blondie Sundae

While you may not be able to find the famous singer here, Adele's definitely has an ice cream sundae worthy of fame. Stop on by for an amazing dessert. 

Texas: Hypnotic Emporium's Candy's Bar

Calling all candy lovers — the ultimate candy ice cream sundae is here. Hypnotic Emporium offers an ice cream sundae with both butterfingers and peanut butter cups, as well as all the chocolate and caramel you could ask for. 

Utah: The Fix Family's Godzilla Sundae

Have you ever wanted so much ice cream that it literally can't stay in the bowl? Then the Fix Family's Ice Cream Treatery is the place for you. Plus, if you can finish it, you win a t-shirt. 

Vermont: Carmen's S'Mores Sundae

Carmen's has actually earned it's place in the sundae hall of fame, and after one taste of their S'Mores sundae I knew they deserved it. The cherry on top also adds that perfect feeling of childhood nostalgia. 

Virginia: Nicecream's Mango & Papaya Sundae

If I'm craving a fruity ice cream, my go-to is mango. Nicecream has the best mango ice cream I've ever had. Plus, this dog with a sundae photo on their Instagram is adorable

Washington: Dolcezza's America as Fuck Sundae

The peach gelato in Dolcezza's America as Fuck Sundae is the stuff of dreams. Literally. I never forgot this non-red, white, and blue all-american sundae. 

West Virginia: The Polky Dot's Nine Pound Sundae

Nine pounds of ice cream may bring food baby to a whole new level, but at the Polky Dot's, it's definitely worth it. You may want to bring along someone to share it with, though.

Wisconsin: Kopp's Chocolate Banana Cream Pie Sundae

While Kopp's technically serves custard, they have by far the best ice cream sundaes in all of Wisconsin. The Banana Cream Pie Sundae is a special, but they have killer sundaes like their peanut butter log that are always on the menu. 

Wyoming: Moo's Brownie Sundae

Moo's allows complete freedom in the sundae, letting you choose your ice cream flavors and toppings. Don't forget the brownie, that's the best part. 

If you've made it through this whole post without getting in the car to go and grab a sundae, it may actually be a miracle. Whether you're grabbing ice cream with family, friends, or just looking for a sweet treat for yourself, you're bound to make some great memories at these ice cream shops.