Street food is the go-to for adventurous people or just those trying to cure a hangover. Ever been in that mood where you want food but an entire meal sounds like too much and a snack seems like too little? If you have, I relate on a whole ‘nother level. If you haven’t, well, you’re lying. 

While there are many things lying around the house that you can whip something with (I’m lookin’ at you, leftovers sandwich), there are better ways in which you can satisfy your hunger. Street food, in my opinion, is delicious and satiating enough to keep you full (for the time being at least). So here are 10 easy street food recipes that’ll let you create something beautiful.

1. Pakoras

pork, seafood, chicken, sauce, vegetable, meat
Mehak Dhawan

Pakoras are a predominantly Indian dish and there are so many different kinds you can make. I'm serious, you can literally turn anything into a pakora by dipping it in batter and deep-frying it. Yes, please.

2. Honey Sriracha Chicken Tacos Tacos

corn, fish, chicken, meat, tacos, vegetable
Katy Shetler

Who doesn’t love a good taco? Get ‘em with beef, chicken, pork, veggies or even ice-cream and chocolate; they never fail to disappoint. These honey Sriracha chicken tacos will have you saying, "Mama Mia!" 

3. Pizza Hot dogs

hot dog, bread, sweet, pork, beef, sausage, meat
Hui Lin

Hot dogs are a classic. Ketchup, mustard, relish, or all of the above? Or here’s an idea: combine hot dogs with PIZZA. Yes, yes, yes, and yes. 

4. Funnel Cake Fries

chocolate, doughnut, dough, cake, pretzel, bread, candy, cookie, pastry, sweet
Jennifer Nigro

This food has been America’s favorite carnival food for years now. Adulthood got you wanting to devour a cake but not get it all over your interview suit? Behold, funnel fries.

5. Deep-Fried Oreos

pastry, dairy product, sweet
Sheng Lin

Hey, anything deep fried is OK by me, especially when it’s cookies and cream deliciousness.

6. Grilled Corn

Morgan Nitti

Elote is traditional Mexican grilled corn you'd find in the streets of Mexico. Warm, crunchy corn, slathered with butter, spiced up with chili powder and topped with tangy lime... me likey a-lot-e. No? Okay.

7. Pad Thai 

vegetable, pasta, sauce, rice, chicken, noodle, pad thai
Elle Nava

Pad Thai, originating from the streets of Thailand, is the takeout food we all know and love. You can make it just as well (if not better) by bringing the streets of Thailand to your own kitchen.

8. Baked Falafel

lettuce, meat, bread, salad, cheese, vegetable
Maggie Gorman

Now, falafel is pretty darn famous. These fried Middle-Eastern chickpea patties taste hella good stuffed in a pita pocket. You can even make it gluten-free.

9. Crepes

pancake, pastry, strawberry, cream, sweet, crepe
Catherine Wong

Here’s another reason to add Nutella to whatever it is you’re eating. I personally think that’s more than a good enough argument for these delicious takes on pancakes. Thin crepes means more crepes. 

10. Siu Mai 

pasta, meat, dumpling, dough, ravioli
Weichen Yan

Sui Mai is a kind of Chinese dumpling. They’re traditionally stuffed with pork and make for a mouthful of warm, comforting deliciousness. Yum.