I haven't met many people who do not like dim sum. In popular dim sum parlors in Chinatowns of countries outside China, as well as ones in Hong Kong and Guangdong Province (home of Cantonese cuisine where dim sum originated), Chinese and foreigners line up for hours just to that they can enjoy these delicious morsels. Siu mai is one of the most popular and well-known items on the dim sum cart. A good siu mai is plump, juicy, meaty, and the wrapper should be thin and cooked through but not soggy. Typical fillings include minced pork and shrimp (usually a mixture of the two), some are topped with crab roe for extra decadence.

While it's fun to go to a dim sum parlor, it's also fun to make your own at home. When you realize how easy they are to make, you'll be rushing to the kitchen.

Homemade Siu Mai

  • Prep Time:20 mins
  • Cook Time:30 mins
  • Total Time:50 mins
  • Servings:4
  • Medium


  • 1/2 a packet store bought wonton wrappers
  • 1 lb minced pork
  • 1/2 cup sweet corn kernels
  • 1 scallion finely chopped
  • 1 small carrot minced or finely grated
  • 1 small piece ginger minced
  • 4 tablspoon soy sauce
  • 3 tablspoon Shao Xing cooking wine
  • 2 tablspoon sugar
  • Salt to taste if needed
ravioli, dumpling, dough, gyoza, meat
Weichen Yan
  • Step 1

    The key time and effort saver here is to buy pre-made wonton wrappers. These can be found in Asian grocery stores and some supermarkets.

    rice, meat
    Photo by Weichen Yan
  • Step 2

    For the filling, you can improvise and use your favorite ingredients. I made this one with minced pork, diced scallions, minced carrots, and corn kernels. The seasonings include salt, light soy sauce, Shao Xing cooking wine and sugar. Adjust these to your own taste.

  • Step 3

    Take one wrapper and place it on your palm (left palm if you're right-handed). Use your other hand, place a generous dollop of the filling in the middle of the wrapper.

    meat, pork, rice, vegetable, beef, chili
    Photo by Weichen Yan
  • Step 4

    Now, start scrunching up the wrapper, folding in with your fingers and thumb.

    pork, meat, sauce, beef
    Photo by Weichen Yan
  • Step 5

    With the help of the other hand, fold the bits of the wrapper that are sticking out so that it forms the same of a siu mai.

    dumpling, pasta, meat
    Photo by Weichen Yan
  • Step 6

    Place the finished siu mai in a steamer and steam for 10-15 minutes. You can also place it on a piece of lotus leaf, sometimes found in Asian grocery stores. These give the siu mai a special taste.

    ravioli, dumpling, dough, gyoza, meat
    Photo by Weichen Yan

These are perfect served with soy sauce, vinegar, sweet chili sauce, or cut chili (freshly chopped chili mixed with soy sauce). Eat them while they're hot. Or, if somehow you manage to have leftovers, pan sear them in a little oil the next day for a great snack