If you're a foodie like me, you're probably going to find yourself spending a disproportionate amount of time in the kitchen when you're not out and about hunting down the latest food trend. You're probably also going to have a lot of questions (many of which you will keep to yourself). 

We asked our friends what they think about when stepping to the kitchen, and here are some of their contributions. You know you've been there, so don't even bother denying it.

1. Hmmm I wonder if there's anything new in the fridge today?

2. Wait what is that? Why does it smell funny?

3. Wow that milk has been there for a long time is it still good?

4. Ok maybe there's something I would want from the freezer?

5. I could eat some ice cream . . . but should I? Did I already use my cheat day?


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6. Ok maybe there's something I would want in the cabinet?

7. Oh look leftover Halloween candy! Oh wait, can candy go bad?

8. Boxed macaroni sounds good. Maybe I should try my hand at cooking?

9. Oh, but the milk may be bad? 

10. I wonder what Google has to say about it? Maybe I should look up a recipe? 

11. This is going to take a while. Am I going to starve before I actually finish making anything? It's probably better this way. At least I can't burn down the house.

12. What if the pots and cups and dishes came alive like they did in Beauty and the Beast

13. I should eat a fruit. Fruit is good for me, but  am I ready to be that healthy?

14. I should do some grocery shopping. There doesn't seem to be anything to eat in this house?

15. But I'm also super hungry now. Maybe I can get something to eat while I'm out?

16. Didn't I just spend $30 going out to dinner last night though?

17. I swear all my money goes to food. Maybe I should diet?

18. I hear drinking a glass of water can make you feel less hungry?

19. I wonder if I can ask anyone to get me food while they are out?

20. Maybe I should just check the fridge again?