As much as we all don't like to admit it, we'd rather reach for a soda or coffee over a glass of water any day. Soda, coffee, tea, and juice all have unique flavors that give us the sweet taste we crave. While water is just plain boring. However, water is undeniably the best thing to drink to stay hydrated. So, instead of reaching for a bubbly soda or a black coffee, have some fun with your H2O.

1. Fruit Infused Water

If you still want to drink something sweet without being unhealthy, then this is the perfect solution. Slice and dice a variety of fruits and toss them in your water. Let the flavor infuse overnight and your refreshing drink will be ready in the morning.

Some great combos are lemon and cucumber, raspberry and mint, and blueberry and lime. Boost your metabolism, flush toxins, and improve your mood with these fun recipes.

2. Watermelon Ice Cubes

This is an easy way to add some sweetness to your water without adding the calories. Cut up watermelon into cubes and pop them in the freezer. Add a few to your glass of cold water for a refreshing taste and color. 

3. Fruity and Floral Ice Cubes

While it's a no brainer to add fruit to your water, have you ever thought of adding flower petals? Cutting up your favorite fruits and flowers to put into an ice tray is a unique way to spice up your H2O. Putting a few of these cubes in your glass will take your beverage from dull to a work of art (and one that still offers some awesome benefits).

4. Essential Oils

Essential oils have so many uses—they help with anxiety, aches, and acne just to name a few. But, you can also add them to your water as an easy way to utilize the amazing qualities of these oils. Add oils such as lemon, peppermint, or grapefruit to help detox your body, curb sugar cravings, and boost your energy level.

5. Sparkling Water

Quitting drinking soda cold turkey definitely isn't the easiest thing to do. But, sparkling water can be the perfect substitute for your favorite carbonated beverage. 

just as hydrating as regular water, but still has the carbonation of sodas we all know and love. Plus, sparkling water is available in such a wide variety of flavors, you'll never find water boring again.