Trying to eat clean, especially in college, is a tough thing to do. If you're on a meal plan, you're often tempted with the unhealthy options. If you're not on a meal plan, then you face making your own choices at the store. 

But have no fear. You can do it. You can find all of these healthy foods below at any grocery store, and probably at most convenience stores. Choose these yummy options over those enticing French fries.


Eggs are my holy food. They're so versatile and can be eaten at any meal. Make them scrambled for breakfast or hard-boiled for a snack. Make an omelet with whatever veggies you have in the fridge, or just eat 'em plain. 

Almond Milk

Almond milk is a great alternative to regular milk, especially if you have any dairy allergies. Use it pretty much any way you would use regular milk; put it in cereal, smoothies, or coffee. Make sure to buy brands that have little to no added sugar or preservatives. My favorite is the Califa Farms unsweetened vanilla pictured above.


You never know when you're going to need spinach. It's a great thing to keep on hand in order to get in that daily dose of leafy greens. Blend it into a smoothie, make a basic salad, or sauté it as a side. 


Bananas are a go-to fruit for a reason. They're super easy to bring on the go and are always filling. Eat them plain (or with peanut butter as I prefer them). Or, if you've got time, make a smoothie or this healthy banana bread.


Mmm, hummus. Hummus is a great way to get protein. It also stays good for a while in your fridge. Have it with veggies, crackers, or if you're like me, plain! Make it yourself with this recipe if you're feeling ambitious.

Whole Wheat Bread

There's nothing wrong with eating some bread as long as it's not white flour based. Check to make sure that it's 100% whole wheat. Add it into your breakfast with eggs or topped with avocado. Have it as a snack when you're craving carbs. Rudi's 100% whole wheat is always a solid choice.


Carrots are a great snack food. My recommendation? Buy the regular carrots from the produce section instead of the packaged baby carrots. They stay good for longer and are less expensive.


Another great snack food. Slice them, dip them in nut butter or eat them whole. Or baked with a little maple syrup or honey, they're a great choice for your sweet tooth. 

Greek Yogurt

Ah, the famous Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is filled with protein and probiotics to keep your digestive tract on track. Stay away from the ones with added flavorings or add-ins. Instead, add in your own granola or fruit for a healthier option. My favorite Greek yogurt brands are Wallaby, Fage, or the Trader Joe's brand.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate is last but certainly not least. The higher the percentage, the higher the cocoa bean concentration. This means fewer added ingredients, especially sugar. A square of dark chocolate makes a great dessert or snack when you're craving something sweet.

The message is to really think about what you're putting into your body. Make sure you can pronounce all ingredients on the label. Try to go organic when you can. And as always, eat away.