Tired of the same five foods showing up all over your timelines? Well, you’re in luck. Google spent the last two years figuring out what food trends are about to sweep the nation and the results are in.

Google recently released its annual food trend list. The report explains, “We pulled top volume queries related to the food category and looked at their monthly volume from January 2014 to February 2016.” After analyzing over two years’ worth of data, the company measured how much and how often different topics were searched, determined patterns, and put it all in a fancy report to show the world.

The rising stars of the food world include turmeric, jackfruit and cauliflower rice. Sound foreign? Don’t worry, you can incorporate these into lots of dishes, like BBQ jackfruit sliders.


Photo courtesy of @forkmeetsfood on Instagram

#SpoonTip: Wanna feel trendier than Starbucks? Replace your basic PSL with a turmeric latte. Turmeric goes well with other spices, helps brighten your skin, is an anti-inflammatory agent, and can help ease pain. Not to mention, it tastes amazing.

Rainbow bagels, dutch baby pancakes and buffalo chicken fries are declining in popularity overnight. Instagram feeds are suddenly void of neon-colored bacon, egg and cheeses, and maybe that’s for the better. You know what they say: live fast, die young, rainbow bagels do it well.


Photo by Angela Pizzimenti

Other trends like bacon cupcakes and cinnamon rolls are on their way out, as well. Seasonal trends like quinoa and red velvet cake are starting to decline, being replaced by seasonal risers like pho and overnight oats.


Photo by Nicole Laszlo

Food trends on the rise include food with a function, traveling through taste and bite-sized snacks. The benefits of foods like turmeric, jackfruit and cauliflower rice are helping them gain popularity; they’re good for you and they taste good. Sharing health tips and personal stories has become huge thanks to social media, and has caused people to really think about what they put into their bodies on a daily basis. Smoothie bowls aren’t just popular because they’re pretty; they pack in a ton of fruits, vegetables and essentials vitamins into one meal.


Photo by Nicole Lacasse

Pho, ramen, mochi, empanadas and chamoy are also gaining a lot of attention, thanks to the globalization of food culture. Food is an accessible way for people to share their culture. Seeing how different types of dishes are prepared in different countries gives you an insight into that country’s resources and values. Trying new foods always makes for a fun adventure with friends.


Photo by Scott Harrington

Bite-size snacks have been in the spotlight for a while, from cake pops to mug cakes. According to Google, the trend has stayed in demand because people love to customize food to maximize flavor or fit dietary restrictions. Smaller snacks like these are also great for a quick bite during a busy weekday.


Photo by Allyson Busch

So stock up on turmeric and cauliflower and get ready to spend the summer exploring these new trends.