Award winning chef William McKay and his team at Putnam Dining Hall made a gigantic burger. Yep, it is huge.

bun, beef, cheese, bacon, cheddar, onion

Take a moment to admire this magnificent national treasure. It reportedly took 14 people to consume this master piece. That's a pretty hungry bunch.

beer, tea, coffee

Here's the prideful master chef admiring this creation, standing tall with nothing but glory and pure happiness. Who wouldn't be happy holding a massive burger like that?

beef, onion, hamburger, cheese, sandwich, lettuce, bun

In a brave choice, this soul attempts to take a bite of this scrumptious burger only to realize, it's twice the size of her head. No biggie.

pumpkin, soup

Not only does William McKay make ridiculous burgers, he also a talented carver. Here's this year's Jon-o-Lantern.

If only the dining hall was able to give us all gigantic burgers, we would never go hungry. Though, I'm not sure we'd be able to finish them