We watched every episode of Bob’s Burgers on Netflix so you didn’t have to in order to find Bob’s best daily specials. Take our suggestions or interpret the specials as you wish. If you’re into making your own burgers, here’s an easy recipe.

New Bacon-ings
The only thing we know about this one is that it “comes with bacon.” Fry up a few slices of bacon to put on top of your burger. Your New Years Resolution was to eat more bacon, right?
Season 1, episode 1: “Human Flesh”

Never Been Feta/Foot Feta-Ish
Call it what you want, but don’t forget the feta. Make it Mediterranean-style with roasted peppers and onions.
Season 1, episode 2: “Crawl Space”

Ever tried a tuna burger? Neither have we, but here’s a recipe.
Season 1, episode 2: “Crawl Space”

Mission A-Corn-Plished
According to the board, this one comes with corn salsa. So make it Tex-Mex with this corn salad, salsa and avocado. Or just have some corn on the side, we don’t care.
Season 1, episode 3: “Sacred Cow”

Rest in Peas
Comes with snap peas and carrots. Incorporate frozen peas and carrots into your homemade burger, or serve them on the side for a serving of veggies.
Season 1, episode 3: “Sacred Cow”

Fig-eta Bout It
Not sure how figs would work with red meat, but it’s worth a try. (How many of these did you actually sell, Bob??) Pair dried figs with goat cheese and prosciutto to top a beef or turkey burger.
Season 1, episode 4: “Sexy Dance Fight”

bob's burgers

Courtesy of Fox.com

The Roquefort Flies
Roquefort + meat is a match made in heaven, seriously. Copy The Spotted Pig‘s version and serve on a brioche bun with rosemary fries on the side. *Foodgasm ensues*
Season 1, episode 4: “Sexy Dance Fight”

Thank God It’s Fried Egg
Pump up the protein with a fried egg. Guaranteed to satisfy your drunchies or cure a hangover. Don’t forget the runny yolk.
Season 1, episode 6: “Sheesh! Cab, Bob?”

The Sound and the Curry
Mix curry powder into your hamburger meat or top a premade burger with curry sauce.
Season 1, episode 10: “Burger Wars”

Take Me Out to the Burger
Pay tribute to America’s pastime with a cheeseburger (American cheese, of course) with peanuts and Cracker Jacks on the side.
Season 1, episode 13: “Torpedo”

It’s Fun to Eat at the rYeMCA
Serve it on rye with mustard, cheese and avocado. Then do the YMCA dance.
Season 2, episode 6: “Dr. Yap”

bob's burgers

Courtesy of Fox.com

If Looks Could Kale
Pay tribute to everyone’s favorite leafy green by adding pan-fried kale or kale chips. Make it diet-friendly or whatever with a turkey or black bean burger, if that’s your thing.
Season 2, episode 7: “Moody Foodie”

Little Swiss Sunshine
Apparently this comes with a buttered bun, which is a game-changer. Melt some butter on a griddle or a skillet and toast your buns for a minute or two, then top the burger with a slice or two of Swiss.
Season 2, episode 7: “Moody Foodie”

bob's burgers

Courtesy of Fox.com

Poutine-On the Ritz
Top your burger with everyone’s favorite Canadian specialty, poutine. Fries + gravy + cheese curds on a burger? Marry me.
Season 2, episode 8: “Beefsquatch”

Don’t Give Me No Chive
Not served with chives, because you didn’t ask for them. Top this one with whatever the hell you want, as long as it’s not chives.
Season 3, episode 7: “Tina-Rannosaurus Wrecks”

Home For the Challah Days
Channel your inner NJB by putting your burger between two slices of challah bread. Skip the cheese and bacon.
Season 3, episode 9: “God Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins”

Fifth Day of Christmas
Five golden rings! Top your burger with 5 golden, crispy onion rings.
Season 3, episode 9: “God Rest Ye Merry Gentle-Mannequins”

bob's burgers

Courtesy of Fox.com

Freedom of Choys
Sauté some bok choy to put on top of your burger and serve with soy sauce.
Season 3, episode 11: “Nude Beach”

Mushroom With a View
Top your burger with sautéed mushrooms and onions and a slice of cheese. Apparently this one is a double decker, so you get two patties!
Season 3, episode 12: “Broadcast Wagstaff School News”

Don’t You Four Cheddar Bout Me
Comes with four types of cheddar, if you can handle it. Sharp, extra-sharp, mild and that freaky orange one.
Season 3, episode 14: “Lindapendent Woman”

I Know Why the Cajun Burger Sings
Throw some cajun spices into your burger meat. Top with onion and hot sauce.
Season 3, episode 16: “Topsy”