We all know that a balanced diet incorporates all the of the major food groups. Just like the different members of your squad, each food group contributes something different, helping you stay wholesome and well-rounded. So which food groups do you and your friends relate to the most? We broke it down for you. 

1. Fruits – The Funny One

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Colorful, sweet, and fun, this friend gets along with everyone and appeals to even the pickiest of people. They know how to brighten up your day with their sweet words and tangy humor. You might find some jokes better than others, but your favorites never get old. If for some reason an apple a day doesn’t keep the doctor away, you’ll have laughter as the best medicine.

2. Vegetables – The Voice of Reason

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This friend always seems to know what’s best for you, even if it goes against your moment's desires. They know that it’s easy to give in to the temptations around you, but help make sure you stay on track with your health. Because they have your best interest in mind, this friend only encourages you to be the healthiest version of yourself you can be.

3. Fats – The Party Animal

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Fats know how to make any occasion great, and can turn any food from being ordinary to hot and memorable. Just like your party-loving friend, fats are unapologetically themselves and want to show you how to have a good time. Although too much of a time might leave you feeling a bit sluggish the next morning, it’s fun to let go and indulge every once in awhile. 

4. Grains – The Overachiever

Grains seem to be involved in every meal of the day, whether it be breakfast cereal, bagels, rice, wheat, or pasta. They know how to integrate with other food groups and get along with different dishes, proving that there’s almost nothing grains can’t do. Just like your overachieving friend, grains are involved and connected, and have a wide skill set that can please almost anyone. 

5. Milk/Dairy Products – The Emotional One

The one who always seems to melt under stress and pressure, this friend isn’t afraid to show their emotions when they’re having a good day or tough time. Just got a promotion? They’re bringing milkshakes to celebrate! Failed that midterm? They’ve got ice cream waiting in the freezer. They might be a mix of emotions most of the time, but at least they know what foods can help make any day better.

6. Meat/Poultry – The Athlete 

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This friend always seems to be on the move or working out, and likes to fuel up with savory and meaty dishes. That post-workout meal may or not be the motivation behind their hard work, whether it be for the protein-packed fuel or bacon-filled reward. Either way, they're working hard and earning it. 

7. Beans, Seeds, and Legumes – The Hippie

Free spirited and appreciative of nature, this friend loves what comes from the ground and the trees surrounding us. There’s a chance that they might be growing their own legumes at home, and can teach you all the benefits of doing so, especially from an eco-friendly standpoint. 

8. Potatoes and Starches – The Mooch

Deserving of being considered a major food group, potatoes are widely used and great by themselves, but also seem to depend on some extra add-ons to make them stand out. Whether it be the fixings for a loaded baked potato or cream and butter for a mash, they’re always asking for something extra from someone else.

Just like your mooch of a friend, you question why they always seem to depend on borrowing from others, but love them enough to lend them what they want.  

Our personalities each add something different to the table, and the same can be said for our friends. Thankfully a wider variety just means more food to share!