If you search "define pregame" on Google, it will pop up with a definition that reads: "to drink alcohol before attending an event or social function." Pregames serve many important purposes and they are a tried and true tradition for attending social events, but what about events that aren't so social that you feel like getting a little boozy for? I'm not saying to show up wasted, but I'm also not saying to show up sober. You get what I mean, jelly bean? Yeah, you get it. 

Okay: For a Football Game 

I'm just going to go ahead and let you know that my school (the University of Alabama) has the number one football team in the SEC, and football games are a huge deal to students and fans. I'm not trying to brag (yes I am) but our games get pretty lit.

Even if your school is low-key about sports, getting together with your peeps and having a couple mimosas beforehand is always a good time. It's the perfect opportunity to see everyone's outfits and take some pictures. When you finally show up to the game, everything about it will seem way more fun and exciting than it actually is.  

Not Recommended: Before a Job Interview 

Chances are high that you slaved away for four to six years in undergrad and then maybe even a few in grad school to land an interview for your dream job. Show up sober and ready to own that interview because it may be your only shot. Don't blow it. Even if it's for a part-time job just for you to save up some extra money, you should still show up sober because professionalism goes a long way no matter what you're doing. 

Alright: For a Party

I know the point of a party is to go drink and have fun with your friends there, but there's no harm in having a party before the party. Maybe that seems excessive, but in my opinion you can sleep when you're dead, so for now take my advice on this one. Pick your poison and get together with your squad and get your Instagram posts for the night out of the way, get some videos up on your Snap story, and get some drinks in your system. A little liquid courage never hurts before you head to that party that your crush is definitely going to be at. 

Do Not: Before a Funeral 

Please, please, please be respectful of events like wakes or funerals. Whether or not you knew the person well does not matter. Show up prepared to be kind to others and understanding of the loss. 

Sure: For a Date

Maybe you want to go on this date or maybe you don't. Either way pregame that sh*t with a glass of champagne or two. Don't get too crazy with it though because the point is for you to appear relaxed and fun, not sloppy. A glass of wine or a shot of tequila will do the trick. 

Not Okay: Babysitting 

You're taking these kids' lives in your hands so don't mess it up. You never know when something may happen to one of the kids, and you need to be extremely aware of your surroundings and capable of handling any situation. 

Do it:  A Family Party 

Don't get me wrong, I love my fam a lot but everyone gets overwhelmed by family gatherings sometimes. There's no shame in mellowing your nerves beforehand with a personal pregame. Have a few beers so that when you arrive (by means other than driving, of course) at the party you are totally down to play monopoly with your weird second cousins.

Skip It: Meeting With a Professor 

They've seen drunk students before and they will recognize that you've been drinking right away. If you're meeting one on one with a professor, it's probably because you're asking for a favor like a letter of recommendation or a passing grade, so show them that you sort of have it together. Alcohol also comes out of your pores when you sweat (yum) and they will smell that very fast in a cramped office with just the two of you there. Just saying. 

Yes: A Concert 

You KNOW you're gonna have the time of your life at that concert you're going to, but maybe beforehand throw a little pregame with your friends and get hyped for the show by sipping on vodka sprites to every song on that artist's album.

#SpoonTip: Listen to every song on Travis Scott's Spotify page and take a drink every time you hear "it's lit" in the background. It happens a lot. You're welcome.

Seriously, don't: Shopping

Probably nothing is worse than having to actually think things through when your drunk. If you're out shopping loose on the goose, you're gonna end up buying things you don't want or need and with my luck they will all be non-refundable. 

Go for it: Graduation 

Congrats on graduating! Woo hoo! Yay! Bully for you! You're moving on up in the world with your shiny new degree, but there's a catch to the graduating business. The ceremony is going to be hella long and you'll also have to walk across stage in front of your classmates, family, friends, and professors. Take the edge off with a little champagne because we're celebrating, right? Or if being in the spotlight isn't your thing maybe just kick back some straight vodka, fam.

Make lots of friends. Have lots of fun. But remember to drink responsibly.