They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and they are right. The way that Kanye feels about himself is how I feel about eggs and home fries. Forget Ron Swanson because I'm the breakfast food expert around here.

Spoon University

I want the best or nothing and I'm going to tell you how to get it right here in Tuscaloosa. Grab your squad and start calling me Future because really I'm the plug.

Sweet Home Food Bar

This place is essentially the new kid on the block this year, but it's having no trouble fitting right in. People line up outside just to be the first ones there when it opens. This is the best place to go with your friends the morning after a long, hot game day in Alabama. You're all hungover, you're all starving, and you're all feeling extra sensitive to sunlight. Fear not because their Sunday morning brunch is about to be your saving grace, #blessed. The interior walls are painted black, and there is minimal natural light in their back room so ask to be seated in there by the fireplace (trust me). Their brunch specials have included chicken and waffles, apple cinnamon pancakes and breakfast burgers. My personal favorite are the breakfast nachos paired with a cup of coffee. They're made with homemade tortilla chips topped with scrambled eggs, bacon, cheese, pepper, tomatoes and served with a side of salsa and fruit. If you find yourself there on a weekday, I recommend the Crunchy French Toast from their regular morning menu.

Pro tip: ask them to add whipped cream and mixed berries as a topping, and you can just thank me later or something. 

FIVE Tuscaloosa

This place is the perfect brunch spot to impress your parents with. It's classy, comfortable and cute all while being located in the heart of downtown Tuscaloosa. Mom and Dad will be impressed with the trendy avocado toast paired with a fresh mimosa, and you can sit there with your chicken 'n' waffles knowing that this will make them want to keep coming back to visit.... and buy you groceries. But mostly to spend quality time with their beloved child. But also...groceries. 

Another Broken Egg Cafe

Whether it's your first date with that special someone or your hundredth, trust me when I say that breakfast is always a good idea. Another Broken Egg Cafe is the perfect spot to take your significant other. It's located right along the Riverwalk and offers indoor and outdoor seating. There's plenty of natural lighting which is always the most flattering so no doubt you'll both look cute. My favorite thing to get is the steel cut oats which comes topped with berries, honey and cinnamon. It goes great with a cup of coffee in one of their adorable mugs and a table on the back patio. Personally, I'm a sucker for a good mug. 

The Historic Waysider Restaurant

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This is every Bama fan's dream restaurant. If you roll with The Tide, then you roll with The Historic Waysider Restaurant, it's as simple as that. This is the best breakfast spot to take your BFF from high school who has never seen the south other than in a Blake Shelton music video. Their menu offers down-home, southern cooking, and there's always fresh biscuits on the table. The interior walls are covered with Alabama football memorabilia of past players, coaches and fans. The tables are so close together that you might as well join the family next to you for their meal, but that's just part of the charm. There's not a lot of space, it's always very busy, and the servers are rushing around like it's going out of style, and yet somehow it feels like home. There's even a life-size cut out of Nick Saban in the corner watching you put away those pancakes, but he's not judging you. 

Holler & Dash

I'm going to call this 'the one size fits all' spot because no matter who you take to H&D, they are definitely going to love it. Bring your roomie, your astronomy professor and your pet fish because this biscuit house is sure to be a crowd pleaser. This up- and-coming restaurant is located right on The Strip, and so far, it's radiating some fresh and southern vibes when it comes to the atmosphere and the food. The menu consists mainly of biscuits with a twist in addition to all the foods you've been missing in your life like beignets, blackberry butter and fried green tomato. Can you say noms? 

I get it that somedays you're running out the door to class with a protein bar in one hand and a lukewarm coffee in the other, but sometimes it's good to try something new. You're worth it.