So you didn’t get your hands on one of the Target-exclusive Starbucks Stanley cup tumblers on May 9, and you’re not willing to pay exorbitant resell rates on eBay and Mercari, there are still other ways to expand your cool drinkware collection. 

Beyond waiting for a possible Stanley restock coming at the end of May, you can also check out the new Starbucks tumblers that are part of their summer launch. Fill your tumblers and reusable mugs with their new coffee flavors of White Chocolate Macadamia Cream Cold Brew and Chocolate Java Mint Frappuccino, too. Here are our faves from the 2023 Starbucks tumbler launch.

Photo via Starbucks

Plus, when you buy these Starbucks cups, you save money! When you bring in a reusable cup for your morning coffee order, Starbucks will take $0.10 off. Additionally, Starbucks Rewards members will get 25 bonus Stars in their account when they bring in a reusable cup. 

Amazing Glass and Ceramic Tumblers

If you want a tumbler with a bit of weight to it that is so aesthetically pleasing, grab the tumbler and mugs at your nearby Starbucks. They're pretty in pink. The muted pink cup with no straw and a sipping lid are also perfect for hot beverages. 

Shiny Chrome Cups

Get your shine on with this Chrome Venti tumbler. Its dome-shaped lid is unlike most other toppers you see in-store and will make your iced latte taste even better. I am sure of it! 

The Unicorn Cup

Best believe I'm bejeweled when I walk in with this "Unicorn Cup." We could all benefit from a shiny and cute cup with its little sister keychain. 

Stainless Steel Beauties 

It'll keep your drinks colder for longer and it's floral. It doesn't get any better than this! 

This Target Dupe

Photo via Target

If you can't find the cup you want at the Target Starbucks, walk through Target's own tumbler section to find this studded beauty similar to the textured ones sold at your fave coffee shop. Plus, it's only $16!