In my first few months in Providence, I have quickly realized that Providence is becoming a new East Coast foodie destination. There are countless restaurants, cafes, and trendy eateries popping up all over the city with delicious food, drinks, and, of course, desserts. The desserts in Providence taste amazing, but also look amazing; they make a great addition to your Instagram page. 

Oh, Instagram—if you’re anything like me, you probably spend way too much time each day choosing the perfect filter for the photos from your night out, pouring your heart out on your finsta, or stalking your favorite celebrities and envisioning yourself enjoying their picture-perfect life. 

Recently, my explore page has been filled with delicious treats ranging from decked out New York bagels to trendy treats like rolled ice cream. Much of the food college students crave is not only delicious but also incredibly photogenic, making it impossible to resist snapping a photo before digging in. 

My newfound obsession with food-related Instagram accounts inspired me to look for these insanely tasty, insanely beautiful dishes hiding around Providence. My uncontrollable sweet tooth led me to uncover these seven decadent desserts from eateries all around the city we call home.

1. Dunkaroos donut, PVDonuts

Enjoy your favorite snack time treat from elementary school in a totally acceptable adult way with this staple from the PVDonuts menu. If you're feeling extra adventurous (or extra nostalgic), explore their new March 90's menu.  

2. Nutella Pizza, Pasta Beach

Harness some self-control and save room after enjoying your fabulous entree from this staple Italian restaurant for an extra serving of carbs, only this time slathered in Nutella.

3. Cupcake, by CHLOE.

by CHLOE. has an array of delicious baked goods that are 100% vegan. Plus, they come in vibrant, patterned boxes, and you only have to walk a couple of steps from the SciLi to buy them. Yes, please.

4. Cannoli, Pastiche Fine Desserts

It turns out you don't have to hop on the train up to Boston to get a killer cannoli–plus, these look as good as they taste, helping you make all of your Insta followers' mouths water. If you're not a cannoli fan, Pastiche has lots of sweet treats that are equally delicious and photogenic.

5. Ice Cream Cone, Three Sisters

If you're anything like me, you won't let a little snow deter you from getting your favorite summertime treat all year round. Three Sisters has all your classic favorites, plus fun flavors like Cookies & Mint and Maple Walnut (my personal favorite).

6. Vanilla Cheesecake, Hemenway's

If you're feeling a little fancy, pair Hemenway's incredible selection of fresh seafood with this rich and creamy cheesecake. Just don't forget to appreciate the artistic swirl of caramel by taking a photo.

7. Torta Cioccolata, Siena

Another testament to Providence's bountiful Italian food, Siena's extensive menu does not disappoint on the desserts. If you're addicted to chocolate like me, you definitely don't want to miss this beauty.

Before the semester is over, grab your friends and treat yourselves to one of the amazing desserts in Providence as a way to relieve midterm stress. Venture around College Hill and beyond–it's worth the trek. 

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