Crazy, extravagant, over-the-top desserts have hit social media running. You just can't escape your Instagram feed without swiping past that fancy cotton candy milkshake or mouth-watering cookie shot. For those dessert lovers out there, here are 10 Instagram accounts you need to be following.   

1. Insider Dessert

The Insider is a blog all about food, travel, design, culture and more! You guessed it: Insider Dessert is an Instagram feed dedicated to desserts of all kinds. With 723,000 followers, Insider Dessert posts photos not just of one specific dessert, but a never-ending variety. Luckily for you, they also post photos from other accounts, allowing you to stalk even more mouth watering Instagram-worthy desserts. 

2. The Dirty Cookie

Calling all milk and cookie lovers: this genius place has come up with cookie shots lined with Belgian chocolate and then filled with milk. Absolutely genius, I know. This is a must-follow account; you won't want to miss out on the phenomenal creations they've made from scratch.

3. Let Me Eat Cake 

Not only does this account provide you with an array of delicious looking desserts, but the overall account is aesthetically pleasing. They've got that part down pat. Be sure to follow the link in the bio to learn how to craft some of these beauties. 

4. The Milk Shop, Los Angeles

Although they have an extensive menu, you'll quickly notice from their Instagram that they're known for these perfectly crafted macaron ice cream sandwiches. After scrolling through their account, I've decided that a trip to LA in the very near future is necessary. 

5. Bombo Bar

Although this account is not dedicated specifically to only desserts, you won't regret following them. From the crazy doughnuts to the overloaded cones of gelato, you'll be thankful that they pop up on your Instagram feed. For those of you lucky enough to live in the Chicago area, you'll want to add this to your food bucket list ASAP.

6. Eggloo

Eggloo's specialty: Hong Kong egg waffles, which consist of a sweet egg-based batter, creating the perfect combination of a crispy outside with a soft cake-like batter on the inside. Finish it off with your choice of ice cream and favorite toppings. This Instagram will surely have you drooling at the delicious and beautifully crafted combos.  

7. idrinkmilkshakes

Crazy milkshakes – they're a huge fad right now. And what better way to jump on this fad than live through someone else, am I right? As the bio states, this account is run by "A guy from Perth trying milkshakes from around the world." Honestly, give this guy a follow. You won't regret it. 

8. 10Below Ice Cream

Another trendy dessert is making its way onto Instagram feeds: hand-rolled ice cream. As New York City's first hand-rolled ice cream shop, with 60.7k followers, you know that this place (and its aesthetic Instagram account) will not disappoint. If you're like me and live too far from NYC, give them a follow so you can live the big city life this through this account. 

9. Levain Bakery

So simple, yet oh-so-delicious. Levain Bakery specializes in these thick gooey cookies, making all cookie lovers envy anyone who is, once again, lucky enough to live in New York City.

10. ChikaLiciousNYC

A churro ice cream cone? This is life-changing. Not only does this sound exceptional, but the photos on their Instagram account will have your mouth watering. ChikaLicious is changing the dessert game one original churro cone at a time.