There are hundreds of excellent restaurants and shops scattered around Providence and it can be difficult to sort through which ones are worth stopping at. I carefully chose 50 places with delicious food and decent prices that you cannot pass up the chance to dine at. 

1. Los Andes

This place has built up its reputation over the years for its incredible Bolivian & Peruvian cuisine. The dishes are unique and exotic, and will leave you questioning why you didn't try it sooner. If you're adventurous and willing to try something new, Los Andes should be first on your list. 

2. Al Forno

The classic, up-scale Italian restaurant everyone from Providence has had at least once. If you're searching for the perfect pasta or pizza dish, you'll definitely find it here. Make sure to call in ahead, because the place can get busy. 

3. Waterman Grille

Located right on the Seekonk River, you're assured to be dining with a view. The food, the service, and the view are a perfect combination for a night out with family or friends. 

4. Olneyville New York System

Hot wieners. Need I say more? If you're looking for a classic Rhode Island bite to eat, Olnyville N.Y. System will provide you with some one-of-a-kind wieners. 

5. Bagel Gourmet 

This place doesn't just serve breakfast sandwiches, they also serve breakfast burritos, tacos and quesadillas. The diverse menu is a huge hit with customers, because who wouldn't want to choose between tasty breakfast sandwiches and breakfast burritos?

6. East Side Pockets

Known as "The Home of Middle Eastern and Vegetarian Food", East Side Pockets has Falafels, Gyros, Kabobs and more. It's located right on Thayer Street, which makes it super popular among students in Providence. 

7. The Grange

This place has a wide variety of dishes to choose from on their menu. Ranging from chicken & waffles to poutine to deviled eggs, The Grange has a menu that everyone dreams about but can never find. The menu is strongly vegetarian, but still contains plenty of options for all types of food lovers. 

8. Hudson Street Deli

Hudson Street Deli has great sandwiches and grinders that are a must-have in Providence. Their ingredients are always fresh, and condiments always house-made. They get freshly made grinder rolls everyday from a local bakery called Crugnale Bakery, and they get the best cold cuts from Boars Head. You can definitely feel the small-business love being spread in this place. 

9. Caserta Pizzeria

This place has been a favorite since 1953. This traditional pizza has been served with love for generations, and the quality has always stayed the same. The best part? Their delicious, homemade sauce. If you're stuck on what to order, try their famous "Wimpy Skimpy". Its a spinach pie stuffed with Mozzarella Cheese, Pepperoni, and Black Olives. Yum!

10. Haven Bros. Diner

Founded in 1893, Haven Bros. Diner is one of the oldest restaurants on wheels in America. Its menu consists of traditional burgers, hot dogs, and subs, all at a price of ten dollars or less. There is no way you can leave Providence without getting a taste of this little slice of history!

11. Kabob and Curry

Indian food is truly the answer to all of life's problems, and Kabob and Curry is the best spot to be. The garlic naan and chicken tikka masala are the greatest combination, however any of the food will truly give you the best satisfaction. 

12. Pizzico Ristorante

Providence is filled with some of the best Italian restaurants around, Pizzico being one of them. Their Tuscan styled food is mixed with local ingredients to ensure that customers have a great dining experience. Open Monday through Friday from 11:30 to 4pm, it's perfect place to grab some lunch. 

13. Seven Stars Bakery

Best known for their wide variety of breads, there is definitely a reason they give themselves seven stars. On their website, they have a whole page dedicated to the science behind the bread making process. A lot of time and energy is put into perfecting their products, and the end result is well beyond worth it. 

14. Amy's Place

In Rhode Island, it might be hard to find a place that serves quality lox. Fortunately, Amy's is the place to go when you're craving it. Their breakfast, lunch, and smoothie menus are unavoidable, so if you're a morning person make sure you don't miss out. 

15. NAMI

Everyone needs some good sushi, and this Japanese cuisine will provide you with a great selection of rolls at a reasonable price. It's a perfect place for either a casual meal or a large celebration dinner.

16. Tallulah's Taqueria

Tallulah's has some of the best tacos in Providence and popular because of the build-your-own taco option. They do their best to ensure an authentic, Mexican dining experience, and it seems impossible for them to disappoint. 

17. The Duck & Bunny

This place is known for its diverse selection of crepes. It's super classy, and has a wide selection of tea, beer, and cigars. It's a unique cuisine that you won't be able to find anywhere else, so I highly suggest stopping by while you're in Providence. 

18. The Shop

This modern, hip café has a super appealing menu that includes avocado, quiche, tarts, and more. It's the perfect spot for brunch. Everything on the menu is packed with flavor, and the combination of ingredients is pure brilliance you may not have put together on your own. 

19. PVDonuts

PVDonuts has a different menu every month, and it even includes vegan options. The best part is its efforts to incorporate local ingredients into the products, such as Dave's Coffee Milk. It opens at 8am and goes until they sell out, so try to get there early to ensure you'll get the freshest of the donuts!

20. Trattoria Zooma

You'll never get enough pizza in providence, so I'll make it easy for you. Stop by Trattoria Zooma for quality wood-fired pizza and handmade pasta. If you've been wanting to take that trip to Italy but can't seem to find the time or money, this place is the next best thing. 

21. Bolt Coffee

First of all, the aesthetic of this place is A1, which isn't surprising because of its location at the RISD museum. The best part is that they don't just serve coffee, they also serve different types of toast and delicious pastries like donuts and coffee cake. This place is your dream coffee shop, from interior design to the actual coffee. 

22. Ken's Ramen

Did somebody say ramen? If you're looking for a twist from your typical cup-o-noodles, this place will definitely hit the spot. Every bowl of Ken's Ramen comes with your choice of Cha-Siu Pork Belly or Pulled Chicken, as well as a variety of other toppings to choose from. No matter how minimal or complicated you like your ramen, you'll be able to have it here. 

23. Benefit Juice Bar & Café

Tired of the same old juices you keep buying at the super market? Benefit Juice Bar has a delicious and healthy selection of freshly squeezed juices and smoothies, as well as house made soups, sandwiches and salads. If you're feeling adventurous, try The Dr. which consists of kale, beet, apple, celery, and carrot. 

24. Brickway

This tasty breakfast & lunch nook is the ideal spot to be in the morning. Some of the favorites on the menu include the Brickway Benedict that has two poached eggs on an english muffin layered with smoked salmon and dill hollandaise sauce. They also serve steak & eggs, lox, and a whole array of breakfast and lunch dishes.

25. Nicks On Broadway

If you haven't heard the buzz, it's all about Nick. This American bistro has a smaller, classic menu with dishes you'll savor. One of the best qualities that customers enjoy is the farm-to-table fare that they promote. There is no question that this place has earned its name as one of the best and busiest in the city. 

26. Broadway Bistro

This neighborhood bistro is recognized for its calm and easygoing atmosphere as well as its inviting selection of courses. There is something for everyone whether it's pasta, fish, or tenderloin. 

27. Providence Coal Fire Pizza

This coal fired pizza is slightly crunchy, thin, and cooked to perfection. You have the choice of staying simple with the Margarita Pizza, or mixing it up with something like the Clam Pizza that consists of rosemary, fingerling potatoes, roasted red onions, pancetta, local clams and Parmigiano Reggiano. You probably won't find too many places that put clams on their pizza, so don't miss the chance to try it. 

28. Federal Taphouse & Kitchen

The menu seems to be never ending with choices for everyone. If you're feeling like grabbing a small bite to eat, stop here. If you feel like having a fancy dinner and some wine, stop here. This place has options for Shared Bites, Fork & Ladel, Burgers, Tacos, Grilled Cheese, and Large Plates. You might have to go more than once if you want to have the whole experience. 

29. Circe Restaurant & Bar

Circe's American-Seafood cuisine creates nothing but satisfaction with customers. The carefully crafted menus are filled with courses that will make you drool. Feel free to try the Lobster Roll, or anything else on the menu for that matter!

30. The Malted Barley

The Malted Barley is all about pretzels. Yes, you read that correctly. Beer and pretzels. They've got the classic salted pretzel, but they also have a whole menu of ways you would have never thought of eating a pretzel. My suggestion? Try the mozzarella & tomato stuffed pretzel with pesto on the side, it will open up a whole new door you never knew existed. 

31. La Creperie

If you're looking for a crepe-and-go, stop by La Creperie. They have sweet and savory crepes, so whether you're in a dinner or dessert mood, you'll be able to find something here. 

32. Wildflour Vegan Bakery and Juice Bar

Wildflour has all the delectable vegan, kosher, and gluten-free dishes that you've been looking for. The menu has great selections of grab & go meals like Local Kale Sesame Salad or Soba Noodle Salad, and they also have fresh juices and smoothies that will give you a boost of energy. 

33. Pastiche Fine Desserts

Don't leave Providence without trying the finest pastries money can buy. Located on Federal Hill, their house-made fruit tarts, cakes, chocolates and pastries will give you a sugar high like no other. Take a break from your Grandma's cookies, it'll be our little secret.

34. Baja's Tex Mex Grill

Rumor has it this place is better than chipotle . . . I guess you'll just have to find out yourself! They've got everything from Build Your Own to Loaded Burritos to Chimichanga. Whatever your Mexican food crave may be, you'll find it at Baja's with some guacamole on top. 

35. Soban Korean Eatery

Hands down the best Korean food in town. Customers crave the Hot Stone Bibimbap and can't get enough of the mouth-watering Mandu that they serve! No matter what you order, it's guaranteed to hit the spot. 

36. UMelt

A whole restaurant dedicated to grilled cheese, Umelt has everything you've ever dreamed of putting into a grilled cheese. You can go with The Classic, or you can go with something more wild like Swiss cheese, caramelized onions, sliced apple, and truffle oil. But if you're dreaming about mac & cheese inside your grilled cheese, make sure to order The White Trash, which has mac & cheese topped with BBQ pulled pork. 

37. Mike's Calzones and Deli

"The perfect calzone doesn't exist," says the person who has never tried Mike's calzones before. Choose from the menu or build your own, either way you won't be disappointed. This is one of the many places loved by the students in Providence, so it's highly recommended that you stop by when you make your way down Thayer Street. 

38. Milk Money RI

Milk Money is the perfect place to go with a group of people because many of the items are portioned to be shareable. It's a modern American eatery with a menu that you'll savor such as their Quinoa Bowl, Creamy Polenta, and so much more. 

39. Pane E Vino

Pane E Vino is another well known, up-scale Italian restaurant with the pasta al dente and the sauce seasoned with excellence. Its an ideal dining experience for a quiet, romantic evening with that special someone. Try the Gnocchi Quattro Formaggi for a true, full experience. 

40. Timmy's Legendary Grilled Pizza

This wood-grilled pizza lives up to its 'legendary' name. Known as one of the top pizza places in Providence, Timmy's pizza has the perfect amount of grease and a great variety of toppings. 

41. El Rancho Grande

The best part about this place besides the food is definitely the live mariachi music that they have. They have all the Mexican food you could ever want, and they even offer 'American' plates for those who are picky eaters. 

42. Momo

Have you been wanting to try those fresh-made ice cream rolls you've been seeing all over the internet? Well, you're in luck. Momo is an up-and-coming answer to your sweet tooth. Crepes, pan stir fry ice cream, and bubble tea, it's impossible to walk out of this shop without a smile on your face. 

43. Harry's Bar & Burger

Harry's fresh-ground sliders and assortment of craft beers and alcoholic shakes will assure the perfect night out you're always looking for. Whether you're going for lunch or grabbing a bite to eat after hitting the clubs, Harry's has more than ten burgers to choose from, as well as sandwiches, hot dogs, and other fried goodness. 

44. Tealuxe Inc. 

There are coffee shops, and then there are tea shops. Whether its black tea, green tea, white tea, etc., Tealuxe has a whole list of different teas to choose from. 

45. Julian's

Have you ever heard of a vegan tofu Benedict? Julian's has a variety of meals for both meat-lovers and non-meat-lovers. 

46. Don Jose Tequilas Restaurant 

Enchiladas, Carnes, Mariscos, and Tequila. Don Jose Tequilas offers great, upscale Mexican food. The best dish to share with friends is Don Jose's Platter, which has a combination of chicken and cheese quesadillas, guacamole, Pico de Gallo, Brazo de Reina, and Añejo cheese. 

47. Jacky's Waterplace

This place has a great Pan-Asian fusion menu with a gorgeous view. Located right along the Providence River, you'll be dining right in the heart of the city. If you go on a night when there is Waterfire, you'll have dinner and a show. 

48. Providence Oyster Bar

You can't leave Rhode Island without going to an oyster bar. Perfect for a classy night on the town, the menu provides you with fresh Rhode Island seafood including Oysters, Clams, and more. Make sure to stop by Newport for some similar dining experiences if you happen to get the chance.

49. Lim's 

Lim's is well known for its tasty Thai & Japanese dishes. The sushi is nothing but delicious, and the noodles and soups are the best guilty pleasures. Try the Coconut Soup and Green Curry, I promise you won't be let down.

50. Chez Pascal & Wurst Kitchen 

Ooh la la, French cuisine has never been so inviting. House-made hot dogs, sausages, sandwiches, and yes, escargot. This place has earned its spot on the list of best restaurants to eat in Providence, and they even have a take-out window. 

The hardest part about putting this list together, besides actually putting it together, was choosing the best pictures to post for each place. My mouth started to water and my stomach started to rumble searching through the menus of each restaurant. However, I hope this list is of use to you next time you find yourself hungry in Providence.