I have yet to meet anyone who doesn't love to eat ice cream (besides my brother, who's clearly lying to himself). Unfortunately, many of even the most enthusiastic ice cream aficionados believe the myth that you should only eat ice cream in the summer. Those people are missing out big time. Of course I like cooling down with a cone of soft serve, cookie dough, or coffee Oreo (my personal favorite) on a hot summer's day. Honestly, I probably enjoy it even more than the average person. But I also firmly believe that winter is a great time to eat ice cream, maybe even the best time. Here's why.

1. Because there are no lines at the ice cream shop.

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Caty Schnack

No lines mean less time between when you decide to get ice cream and when you actually get to eat ice cream. 

2. Because the grocery store has great sales on ice cream.

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Amanda Shulman

The only thing better than a pint of Ben & Jerry's is two pints of Ben & Jerry's for the price of one. 

3. Because you can take your ice cream to go without worrying about it melting on the road.

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Cherry Darlin' on Flickr

Winter means you get to eat ice cream without the stress of having to lick your melting ice cream before it starts dripping everywhere. Take your time, savor your ice cream. Similarly, the world is your freezer. Don't have space for a carton of ice cream? Just leave it outside in the snow until you're ready to eat it.

4. Because winter is the time for seasonal flavors like candy cane, eggnog, and other delicious limited-time-only delights.

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Jocelyn Hsu

Candy canes are awkward, sticky and better as a decoration than an actual food. Candy cane ice cream, on the other hand, is sweet, creamy, and absolutely amazing to eat.

5. Because nothing soothes a sore throat like ice cream.

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Torey Walsh

Colds and sore throats are as much a part of winter as skating and skiing. While you could stick to cough drops, wouldn't you much rather soothe your raw throat with some cool, smooth ice cream?

6. Because more traditional winter desserts (think warm brownies and pies) aren't complete without a scoop ice cream on top.

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Jocelyn Hsu

Apple pie? Good. Apple pie à la mode? Even better.

7. Because there's no better way to pay tribute to a true American hero and icon, Joe Biden.

Many Americans, myself included, love Joe Biden. Joe Biden loves ice cream.  We all love the memes. So raise a cone (or a pint) to honor this American treasure and the eight amazing years he spent as Vice President of the United States, brother to Barack Obama, and self-proclaimed "ice cream guy."

Cold weather and cold treats go excellently together. It's time we all embraced this fact. Besides, do you really need to be talked into getting ice cream?