We are in a water bottle supremacy era. Water bottles have become more than just something to drink from and are now accessories with its design and style. I’ll admit it, I’m very particular about my water bottles from the color (light blue is a must) to the type of straw. When thinking about which water bottle to purchase, the viral Stanley Quencher is usually mentioned. At this point, the cup is more of a status symbol than a water bottle. Currently, the Owala bottles are making waves in the trendy water bottle department. On TikTok, the cult cups are in over 72,000 posts. However, when scrolling through the reviews of popular water bottles, another brand pops up — the Meoky bottle.

Founded in 2006, Meoky is a drinkware brand that offers tumblers, color-changing cups, coffee mugs, and more. Most notable is the branding. The “Y” stands for and is shaped like the finger heart gesture as a way to integrate positive energy throughout the brand.

What are Meoky’s water bottles?

Meoky offers a variety of reusable and eco-friendly tumblers ranging in design and size, including a 40-ounce with a hand strap, a 40-ounce with a handle and straw lid, a 32-ounce with a handle, a 24-ounce with a lid and straw, and more. There’s even a 64-ounce tumbler with a hand strap so, size-wise the brand has a lot to offer.

But what makes these tumblers — specifically the 40-ounce with a handle and straw lid — different from Stanley cups? The common denominators across most TikToks are the price and that it is leakproof.   

Which is better? Stanley vs. Meoky

The 40-ounce Stanley Quencher is priced at $45. The 40-ounce Meoky tumbler costs $24 on Amazon with a 4.6-star rating based on 6,000 reviews, and on TikTok Shop there are some for as low as $13.66.

“I love this cup more than my Stanley,” said one customer on Amazon.

Customers like the quality, weight, and appearance of the cup. However, some handles broke off or were damaged.

Despite the handle situation, which hasn’t been mentioned on TikTok, many customers were satisfied with the leakage and said the Meoky tumbler can hold ice for hours. 

In TikTok user @alec.lol’s video, he mentions that the Meoky tumbler has a better grip on the handle and padding on the bottom to keep the bottle in place when in a cupholder. Plus, the padding helped reduce noise when he placed the tumbler on the counter.

When tipping it over without the straw, not a drop of water falls out of the tumbler. Obviously, with a straw placed, water is bound to fall out. However, when Tyler Tippett was sharing his favorite things about the Meoky tumbler, he was shaking it around with the straw inserted and even put the tumbler over his shoulder. I watched that video multiple times and his sweater didn’t even have a drop of water. 

TikTok user @bizwithamina did the same with her Stanley cups and even with a straw stopper, the cups leaked

Another thing that needs to be mentioned is color options. The Stanley Quencher does have a lot of color options — at the time of writing, there are 21 colors available online with eight sold out — but Meoky has more. As of right now, the brand has 32 colors available online with seven of them sold out.

Meoky prides itself on the variety of colors, patterns, and prints it offers — there are also ombre versions, with some tumblers having a textured exterior. Plus, the straws that come with the tumbler also match the color of the tumbler for a true monochrome look. This is to cater to Meoky’s “drinkware for everyone” mission. It’s a brand that puts the customer's personality first.

“We’d like to see people look at your customized drinkware and say, ‘that’s so you,’” according to the Meoky website.

Now, this isn’t to bash Stanley Quenchers. The cups are viral for a reason. However, I think that finding cup dupes is worth looking into.