One of the most fascinating parts of water bottle dominance is not only seeing the brands that are considered trendy — Stanley now, Hydro Flask before that, then a combo of Nalgene bottles, Camelbak, and S'well — but the actual shape and style of the water bottle. Currently, we look to the Stanley Quencher, otherwise referred to as the tumbler. The silhouette is iconic: a square body that trims down at the bottom, a rigid c-shaped handle, a lid with slider and straw hold, and a straw. Previously, it was the flip-up straw of the Hydro Flask and the twist-off top of the Nalgene. But now, there's a new water bottle brand trending, Owala. And it's signature water bottle is called the FreeSip. The brand sent me a sample to try out and review. These are my thoughts and why I think the brand and the shape will be in everyone's hands in 2024.

What is the Owala FreeSip?

The Owala FreeSip water bottle has a totally different shape and style compared to the tumbler shapes that dominated the early 2020s (though Owala does have its own tumbler). It's sold in four sizes, 19-, 24-, 32-, and 40-ounces, and comes in over a dozen colors. In the two smaller sizes, the body is straight with side indentations to make it easier to hold. The larger sizes are straight until rounded at the top. But what really sets this water bottle apart is the lid.

The lid has three parts. The first is the spout. Think of it like a built-in straw. It doesn't stick or pop out but is a part of the spout itself. The second is the widemouth opening behind the straw, which allows the drinker the option to tip the bottle up and get hydrated faster. The third is the lid cover. The cover has two parts that truly make it leakproof. The first cover closes and protects the spouts and the second is a locking bar that prevents any water from spilling, leaking, or dripping.

Photo by Felicia LaLomia/Owala

Is the Owala FreeSip worth it?

Here are all the reasons why the answer is yes:

I love that the straw/spout is covered and protected from germs. The vibrant color selection brings me so much serotonin (seriously, even the hidden straw inside is a fun color). As someone who constantly spills, the locking spill-proof lid is lifesaving. It will keep your ice unmelted for at least a day and is cheaper than a Stanley Quencher. Ready to place your order?