Water. We all need it.. We all love it. We all want to drink it out of a trendy container. Over the years, we've seen many water bottle brands have their moments. Nagel, Camelbak, and S'well have all found themselves at the peak of hydration popularity. But at this current moment in 2023, every influencer and their mother has a Stanley 40-ounce Quencher. But Hydroflask, who was the brand to sip from in 2020, has officially entered the chat with a Quencher dupe.

Hydroflask released a tumbler that looks similar to the Stanley Quencher.

Yesterday, Hydroflask announced the release of its newest product: the All Around Travel Tumbler. It comes in two sizes, 32-ounce and 40-ounce, and retails for $40 and $45 respectively. The design looks similar to the Stanley Quencher in its shape. There's a straw and a c-shaped handle, and the bottom tapers to be able to fit into a cupholder.

What are the differences between the Hydroflask All Around Travel Tumbler and the Stanley Quencher?

The Hydroflask All Around Travel Tumbler has smoother curves with a lid and straw that match the color of the body. The top also looks more promising when it comes to leaks. The Stanley Quencher is notorious for leaking if tipped over, so much so that there are products you can buy to help stop the leaking. The Hydroflask Travel Tumbler looks more air tight, especially around the straw. 

What colors does the Hydroflask All Around

Travel Tumbler come in?

Both the 32-ounce and the 40-ounce Hydroflask tumbler come in six different colors: black, indigo, birch (a light gray), goji (a vibrant red), dew (a mint-y blue), and trillium (a light pink). The finish is a soft matte.

Where can I buy the Hydroflask All Around

 Travel Tumbler?   

Well, the people have spoken and sold out the Hydroflask tumbler in a matter of hours. But don't worry. Hydroflask will be restocking the Travel Tumbler this Saturday, June 24, so bookmark the website and keep refreshing.