Tired of your parents asking you what you're doing with your free time while away at school? Want a good excuse to gain the freshman fifteen and not feel guilty about it? Need something else to do on those nights you think Netflix and 63 are your only options? Look no further! Spoon University is the perfect opportunity for anyone looking to get more involved this semester, while also building professional skills.

Here at Spoon we are looking for individuals who are passionate about anything food, whether it be writing about that mouth-watering homemade taco you prepared for lunch, Instagramming a donut you finally tried from Stan's, or even marketing that killer new marshmallow café you can't get enough of. If you're still not convinced, here are eight more reasons you should join LUC Spoon University:

1. Build a Resume Worth Bragging About

There comes a point in college where we decide to take that first step in adulting and join the organizations and activities that will help us stand out to future employers. As a member of Spoon, you will not only be working on professional skills and creating a portfolio, but you get to eat while doing it. What's better than building a resume based solely on food?

2. You Can Finally Be #Instafamous

We've all dreamed of the verified blue check mark and the thousands of followers and likes that come with being #instafamous. With over 2,000 followers on the LUC Spoon Instagram, and more than 350K on the official Spoon account (notice the blue check mark,) you can finally achieve that dream. Not to mention, we have a pretty impressive following on our Facebook and Twitter as well, guaranteeing you ultimate internet fame. If Snapchat is more your thing, you even have the opportunity to be featured on the SpoonTV Snapchat or Spoon Saturdays on the Food Network Snapchat Story.

3. Network Like It's Your Job

No matter what they say, it's all about who you know. By being a part of Spoon you will have the chance to network with people not only in Chicago, but across the world. The more people you meet, whether it be other Spoon members in your chapter or even food industry professionals, the more opportunities you will have to benefit you in the future. Events such as Brainfood and Northwestern's Sugar and Spice Summit, held right here in Chicago, are just a few of the events you can attend to really build those connections.

4. You'll Be the Food Expert of Your Friend Group

There's no doubt that when you join Spoon all your friends will go to you for advice on where to take their parents for a Sunday morning brunch or where to dine when their boyfriend comes to visit. You will know everything there is to know about food, whether it be restaurant openings, food related events, the best deals, maybe even what Starbucks is adding to their menu a year from now. No matter what your opinion is, good or bad, your friends will want to know it all. 

5. Friendships That Will Last a Lifetime

The best friendships are those built off honesty, trust and a mutual love of food. Through Spoon, you will meet so many people who share this common interest. When food's involved, you will find it very easy to form friendships that are sure to last forever.

6. Foodie is Your Middle Name 

You never fail to live up to the standards of a true foodie. Friends know you as the one who spends more time taking pics of their food than actually eating it. Your family knows you as the one who is first in line for dinner at every holiday. The kitchen staff know you as the one who scans every single lunch option before piling your plate full of everything. But to yourself, you are a food expert who really knows their stuff and that's all that matters.

7. You Have an Excuse to Explore Chicago 24/7

With Chicago right in your backyard, and Spoon articles to write, you will always have an excuse to go downtown with friends and spend that paycheck you worked so hard for on food. Trust me, it's being put to good use. And if your parents ask, it's all for research.

8. Professional Opportunities Galore

Spoon articles have been featured on Buzzfeed, Teen Vogue and many other websites. Members have even gone on to garner internships at Hearst Publications, Refinery29, and even Spoon HQ. Not only that, but Spoon is now owned by Scripps, the same company that owns Food Network and HGTV (if you are looking for things you have in common with Chip and Joanna Gaines, look no further!)

If you're still not convinced, read more of our articles or check out our Instagram. To apply, visit luc.spoonuniversity.com and click on "Join?" You can also reach out to Loyola's leadership team by emailing lucspoonuniversity@gmail.com. Join the team and rush Spoon 2017!