Cutting carbs out of your diet is not an easy thing to do. Since our bodies are geared to crave sugar (most commonly found in carbs), it’s one of the hardest deeds to convince our bodies that we will be cutting carbs for a certain time. After trying and failing multiple times, I have reached the conclusion that cutting carbs completely out of my diet is not really necessary.

A low-carb meal does not necessarily have to cut out all carbs, but rather emphasize more protein and healthy fats. Trust me, you will be getting the energy that you need to power through the day, without having to load up on carbs at the crack of dawn. These breakfast ideas will keep your body powered and full to sustain you through a long day of classes.  

1. Egg white, cherry tomatoes, and spinach omelet

Egg whites are a great source of protein if you’re looking to amp up your protein intake during your breakfasts. Plus, skipping the egg yolks reduces your cholesterol intake. I definitely do not recommend cutting off all egg yolks from your diet, but varying your breakfasts between a whole egg and simply egg whites doesn’t hurt. Add veggies to your omelet and get creative with it!

#SpoonTip: Turn this breakfast favorite into an Egg White Breakfast Sandwich.

2. Chocolate Mocha Protein Pancakes

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Rebecca Doser

Who said pancakes can’t be protein-packed and chocolatey at the same time? These pancakes prove that it is in fact possible to indulge in chocolate pancakes and get your protein gains all at once.

3. Baked Egg in an Avocado

egg, egg yolk
lauren feld

Tired of the same old eggs and bacon? Skip the pan and crack into one of these bad boys. This baked egg in an avocado is the filling, nutritious, and creative breakfast you've been searching for. 

#SpoonTip: Try this in a portobello mushroom!

4. Veggie Egg White Bites

If you usually find yourself running late in the mornings, these veggie egg white bites may just be the solution to your problems. If you’re able to, make these ahead of time, freeze them, and pull them out to eat the next morning. They're very handy for all of those rushed mornings where everything seems to be going wrong.

5. Chocolate Protein Waffles

Sydney Spaulding

For those of you wondering how the heck you can have low-carb waffles, or if you’re looking for different ways to use that bottle of protein powder catching dust in your pantry, check out this recipe. These would make Leslie Knope proud.

These breakfasts proves that low-carb doesn't necessarily mean no-carb, but instead focuses more on protein and healthy fats. Load up on eggs, avocados, protein powder, and veggies to make all these indulging recipes and be able to start your day with a bang.