Every season has a flavor. Christmas is incomplete without peppermint, lemonade dominates the summer, and chocolate seems to be in every corner around Easter. With Halloween having just passed and Thanksgiving coming up, the go-to flavor is obviously anything and everything pumpkin. Anyways, what's autumn without some pumpkin flavors?  

Even if you're already over the pumpkin hype, my recommendations for the Los Angeles area will still make your mouth water. Made with dedication and a spark of creativity, the following dishes will not disappoint! 

Are you ready? Here we go! 

1. Smashing Pumpkin Burger at Daily Dose Café

Before you jump the gun and completely reject this idea, just remember that Los Angeles is a city of innovations, and in this case, that means that this city creates an amazing pumpkin burger (not featured above). The patty itself is laced in an array of spices and topped with some grilled blue cheese. Served on a brioche bun with onions, micro greens, and lemon aioli, this burger will have you coming back for your daily dose of deliciousness whether it be fall or not. Be sure to try one of their homemade pumpkin pop tarts as dessert!

2. Pumpkin Cheesecake at The Cheesecake Factory 

While not unique to Los Angeles, this seasonal dish is something you must try. The Cheesecake Factory is of course famous for its decadent cheesecakes like Oreo or peanut butter, but this one is sure to leave you satisfied and maybe in a bit of a food coma. Luckily for you, this chain can be found in every corner of the Los Angeles area whether that be in the Beverly Grove or even Glendale.

3. Pumpkin Spice Donut at Birdies LA 

Anyone who lives in Los Angeles knows that Birdies LA is the go-to place for unconventional donuts that are the best in town. Their pumpkin spice donut is sure to spice up any party, so be sure to buy it in a dozen. It is made with real pumpkin and coated with a mouthwatering brown sugar and spice glaze. As if this isn't enough sugar already, it is topped with whipped cream and just the right amount of sweet toasted pumpkin seeds.

4. Pumpkin Tortelli at Angelini Osteria

Perfect for a night out, Angelini Osteria is an upscale restaurant located in Beverly Hills. It is known for creating meals that taste both delicious and homemade. Go during fall to catch the limited edition of its pumpkin tortelli, which is essentially pockets of pasta filled with a whipped pumpkin interior. Topped with some cheesy sauce, this dish will leave you wanting more. Try this dish to taste pumpkin in a way that you have never tasted before

5. Pumpkin Salsa at El Cóndor LA 

Mexican food is loved by all. Want a break from the classic flavors that you find all around Los Angeles? Go to El Cóndor in Hollywood to get a taste of a salsa that you will truly never forget. On top of the traditional tomato spicy flavor, the chefs at this restaurant sprinkle in some pumpkin seeds and pumpkin spice during the autumn season. Paired with some fresh tortilla chips, this dip is something that you will then go on to crave during every single other season!