Bob's Burgers is arguably one of the best animated series on TV right now. Each character is relatable in his or her own way, there is lots of personality, comedy, and of course, burgers!

Every wonder which burger chain each Bob's Burgers character would be? Well you came to the right place...

Bob - Smash Burger

Bob tries really hard. He tries to be a great dad, husband, and business owner but usually falls short. Even though he's not the number one choice, everyone still enjoys his character,  just like Smash Burger. 

Linda - Shake Shack 

Linda is Shake Shack because they're both a fan favorite. You always know you will be satisfied and enjoy it. 

She's not your typical mom, she's different and fun -- just like the crinkle fries, not your typical fry. She's creative and so is Shake Shack, with the decor, the menu item names, and delicious milkshakes. 

Dianna DelPrete

Tina - In N Out

When Tinas likes something she becomes obsessed, whether its horses, butts, or of course Jimmy Jr. In-N-Out fans are one in the same, they are obsessed with In-N-Out.

In-N-Out fans are sort of like a cult so don't try to tell them its not the best burger chain out there.

Tina has confidence and self worth and considers herself a "smart, strong, and sensual woman" just like, In-N-Out... they know it's good.

Louise - Five Guys

Louise is a leader, just like how Five Guys is one of the best of the burger chains. Every Five Guys restaurant is consistent. Every restaurant has the same decor, same peanuts for free, and serves up a great burger with quality ingredients. Louise is also consistent, she'll never take off her pink bunny hat, and you see it on her in every episode, no matter what, even when she goes swimming.

She has multiple personalities, she can be demanding or sweet, with a dark sense of humor. Her multiple personalities can be related to the many toppings offered at Five Guys. There are so many options and endless burger combinations. 

Dianna DelPrete

Gene - White Castle

Gene is the middle child and kind of forgotten about just like White Castle, but still a good option. Genes loves his keyboard and recording his farts to add them to his music. Just like Gene's keyboard, White Castle will leave you with the toots. 

Jimmy Pesto - Chick-Fil-A 

Jimmy Pesto is the antagonist, just like Chick-Fil-A is to all the burger chains. The classic rivalry between the burger and the chicken sandwich is just like that of Bob and Jimmy Pesto.