With changing weather comes a change in season. Making sure you have the essentials to last you the whole season can feel overwhelming but, with a careful list, these goals can easily be met. Seasons should be fun and the stress will fade away once you establish the nessesities. Here are ten ways to emotionally, mentally and physically prepare for this fall season:

1. Embrace the "Pumpkin":

cream, chocolate, milk
Caitlin Wolper

There are pumpkin flavored cakes, cookies, cereal, coffee; pumpkin is taking over the shelves of every food store. If you're a pumpkin lover, embrace this staple food in each of its forms, it will only be around for so long. Those who don't like pumpkin, give cinnamon a try! 

2. Layer up:

November brings the crisp, autumn air. Layering with sweaters, cardigans, and scarves complete the fall aesthetic. Having warm, cozy layers are the perfect way to warm up outside and feel cool inside. 

3. Find a Really Good Travel Mug:

Warm hands are always a good, comforting feeling. Coffee and tea are a must have to survive the fall season, so why not save the environment and bring your favorite drink everywhere you go? Finding a sturdy or pretty reusable mug is essential!

4. Take Care of your Skin: 

The weather may feel nice and fresh, but your skin could begin to dry out. Those hot showers are blocking the moisture. Doing a face mask or using a daily moisturizer will return those good oils to your face. 

5. These Boots are Made for Walking: 

Boots, boots and more boots. This season is all about rocking all of the boots that you own with any outfit, even sweatpants. So, make sure to have a pair to couple with all of your fall fashion looks. 

6. Enjoy the Outdoors:

The best thing for your body and mind is to breathe in the fresh air. The crunchy sound of the autumn leaves and the smell of foliage is breathtaking. Whether for an adventure, hike, or even a walk, enjoy the beautiful scenery to distract your mind from a stressful day. 

7. Shop:

Fashions change faster than the season appears, so head to the store and binge on the "fall color" or a nice jacket to help you get into the fall spirit. 

8. Go Apple Picking:

The only thing that's fresher than fallen leaves are the apples! It's apple season, the perfect way to bond with a loved one, friend, team or to have enough apples to last you to the winter! Apple picking takes 0% skill and 100% fun, the perfect way to forget about responsibilities for a little while. And don't cheap out and go to the supermarket. If you have the time, go along for the ride. 

9. Baking: 

The great thing about fall is having yummy ingredients available at your door. Be creative and use your senses to capture your "inner fall". Incorporating cinnamon, pumpkins and apples into your baked goods will do the job. 

10. Decorate:

The best part of fall is the scenery. Decorating outside with flowers, gourds, haystacks and pumpkins really makes the autumn spirit linger. Decorating can be as small as putting a pumpkin on your desk or as extravagant as having multiple decorations around the house. Point is, you're really in the fall mood if you're surrounded by it, so embrace it!

Follow these 10 ways to prepare for the fall season, because it will be gone before you know it. Happy Autumn!