Your inner teenager was probably freaking out this week about the news that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, aka "Jelena" are officially back together. Despite a rocky breakup, the two appear to be on better terms than ever with trips to church and bike riding outings. The cuteness is enough to make your heart feel like it’s 2011 all over again. In honor of the former couple rekindling their flame, let’s reminisce about our favorite foods that were discontinued only to be given a second chance at shelf life.

Surge Soda

Produced by Coca Cola, Surge is a citrus flavored soda.  According to the Coca Cola site, Surge was first created in 1996 but was removed from shelves in 2003.  The drink's loyal fan base was distraught, and worked tirelessly to bring the product back.  Three millennial men created the Surge Movement on Facebook, and gained over 148,000 likes.  The movement also included a $4,000 billboard and handwritten Christmas cards.  Sometimes, persistence really is key. 

French Toast Crunch

This creative version of beloved cereal Cinnamon Toast Crunch was first introduced in 1995, but was gone too soon in the late 1990s.  Cereal lovers everywhere were never quite able to let go of the french toast-shaped hole in their hearts, and used Twitter to plead for the return of their beloved breakfast.  At last, in 2015, the cereal was brought back to US supermarkets, and all is right again.  

Crispy M&Ms

There's so much to love about the bite-sized goodness of M&Ms, and even more to love about biting into an M&M filled with crisped rice.  According to the LA Times, the special product was first sold in 1998 as a limited edition treat, but stayed on shelves for a wonderful seven years.  The discontinuation of the product sparked Facebook groups and petitions.  Mars Chocolate heard the call, and brought the dessert back in 2015 as a full-time members of the M&M team.  


The Twinkie was first created in 1930 and immediately stole the hearts of Americans. The NY Times said that the snack became so engrained in pop culture that a murderer once used the "Twinkie defense," claiming his sugar addiction caused "diminished capacity."  (Yes, he really said that).  In 2012, the country was rocked when Hostess declared bankruptcy, and Twinkies were the ones declared dead.  Thankfully, Hostess sold the snack to investors, and we can still buy the addicting treat today. 


Only 90s kids will remember the joy of dunking a skinny cookie into a small pot of icing.  When Dunkaroos were discontinued in 2012, it was a time of mourning.  According to HuffPost, General Mills could not target this snack to children due to new marketing rules.  Instead, adults are being targeted by a genius "Smugglroos" campaign.  Basically, Canadians are being encouraged to smuggle the iconic snack across the border and help out suffering Americans.  It's a beautiful thing to see North Americans helping North Americans. 

Drake's Coffee Cakes

When Hostess went down, Drake's Coffee Cakes went down with it.  According to MarketWatch, the delicious mini cakes were named after Newman E. Drake, a Brooklyn baker.  After Hostess went bankrupt, McKee foods (the geniuses behind Little Debbie) bought the coffee cakes for a whopping $27.5 million.  If you've tasted these soft, sweet desserts, you'll know they were worth every penny. 

Pepsi Throwback

They don't call it a throwback for nothing.  Back in the day, soda use to be made with real sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup.  If you were missing the original goodness, Pepsi has released Pepsi Throwback made with good ole sugar.  The product was released in 2009 and MarketWatch reported that it was meant to be limited edition, but it was so successful that it got to join the official Pepsi roster.  Gotta love that sugary goodness.

Oreo O's

Oreos are known to be milk's favorite cookie.  What could be better than the sandwich cookie for dessert?  Try an Oreo themed breakfast cereal.  The fan favorite Oreo O's ruled the cereal aisle back in the 90s, but was pulled from stores in 2007.  Chocolate lovers everyone can now breathe a sigh of relief, because PopSugar reported that the snack returned to stores in June.  Pour a bowl of milk, stat. 

As your scrolling through paparazzi shots of your new/old favorite couple, celebrate Jelena's love with some of the still-amazing treats.  Because if you really love something, it'll find its way back to you