Gordon Ramsay is taking his tasteful and brutal humor to social media, and his followers are loving it. Followers on Twitter are flooding Ramsay with requests for him to rate their food based on appearance.

Ramsay is roasting fans pretty severely. Maybe it would have been better if some followers didn't ask, but can you blame them? They did give us another reason to laugh, after all. Below are five of the best roasts from Ramsey for the month of February.

1. The Colostomy Bag

Photo courtesy of Twitter

Thank you Ramsay and @AliRedhaOY for the great visuals of the colostomy bag. 

2. The Puff Droppings

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Photo courtesy of Twitter

Save yourselves from this puff droppings catastrophe with these chocolate recipes.

3. Well Overdone Steak

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Photo courtesy of Twitter

Check out the Well Over-Done Steak made in culinary class too long ago. 

4. Hummus-er-ous

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Photo courtesy of Twitter

As a well devoted lover to hummus, any conversation about the garbanzo bean delicacy catches my attention. So, of course, this hummus insult is my personal favorite from Ramsay.

5. Charred... Not to Perfection

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Photo courtesy of Twitter

Maybe unlike world renowned chef Gorgon Ramsay, you like charred chicken. Maybe you don't. Then you will surely agree to this review by Ramsay. Regardless, this roast chicken recipe beats all other roast chicken recipes out of the park.

Without a doubt, Ramsay is not ashamed to spill the truth about food. I couldn't think of a better way to connect with fans than to shamelessly and amusingly roast them on Twitter.

However, beneath the pile of Gordon Ramsey's roasts are words of appraisal to fans. Let's not forget his soft side.

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Photo courtesy of Twitter