Game of Thrones has given our screens some amazing, bad-ass female characters. Love them or hate them, these women are all incredible in their own ways, whether they're good, evil, or a combination of both. With Thrones' final season now underway (sobs), I've paired some of our favorite (and least favorite) Game of Thrones ladies wit famous burger places in the USA that best fit their personalities. So next time you visit any of them, be sure to pour one out for all our favorite dead characters (RIP literally everyone) and think about who you'd wanna share that burger with or, more importantly, see on the Iron Throne. 

Ceresi Lannister: In-N-Out 

Ceresi Lannister thinks she's the queen of everything, even thought she barely rules Kings Landing, just like In-N-Out thinks it's the best burger even though it's only on the West Coast. Sorry, but Ceresi (and In-N-Out) simply don't rule the world. 

Daenerys Targaryen: Five Guys 

Five Guys was recently voted the best chain burger in the USA, so of course it can only be compared to our beloved Khalessi. The (potential) future queen of the Iron Throne can only be matched with the current king of burgers. 

Margaery Tyrell: Shake Shack 

Shake Shack is good, there's no denying it. They have great food and a great aesthetic. They wanna be the best so badly but they just can't quite get it, much like wannabe queen Margaery. They'll always be great, but they'll never rule. 

Sansa Stark: Wendy's

Wendy's is an underrated good burger, just like Sansa is an underrated good character. Sure, it doesn't get all the buzz that some of the bigger chains get, but Wendy's isn't afraid to clap back on Twitter just like Sansa Stark isn't afraid to show how powerful she can be. 

Arya: McDonald's

Everyones semi-problematic fave. You hate McDonalds, you love McDonalds, you swear you'd never eat there, yet you end up there at 2am. Just like Arya Stark, McDonalds and their burgers are something you should absolutely never underestimate, because you definitely don't wanna end up on their list. 

Brienne of Tarth: Burger King

Burger King is reliable. You know that if you really need a burger, you can go there and get one. Brienne is one of the most reliable characters on the show: she actually keeps her word and her honor (unlike a number of characters we could name) and her devotion to the Stark sisters and their late mother proves her strength. 

Melisandre: Carl's Jr. 

Carls Jr. is one of those burger places that you don't really think about until you need it, just like Melisandre is a character who kinda disappears until she's needed for something (like, say, raising characters from the dead). While Carls Jr. can fade into the background of the other burger places, you can count on it when you need it the most, exactly like the red woman. 

Missandei: Sonic

Known to some as "Americas Drive-In," Sonic is the place to go if you need a burger and are low on time/feeling lazy/don't wanna interact with people but need food. Sonic is sort of like your sidekick when the craving for fast food hits, just like Missandei is the sidekick and counter-part to Daenerys. 

Ygritte: White Castle

What better burger could there be to describe Wilding Ygritte than White Castle? Ygritte was a true wilding and loved her life of freedom beyond the wall, living in the "white castle" of the true North. The similarities don't end there: White Castle is credited as the USA's first fast-food chain, just like Ygritte and her wilding family were (#SpoilerAlert) the first to be allowed beyond the wall. 

We love burgers as much as we love Game of Thrones, though hopefully none of our favorite burger joints will die the type of gruesome death we've had to watch other characters suffer through. Keep on killing it, #GOT ladies.