If you drink as much wine as Tyrion Lannister, we have a new place for you to get your fill. While you wait for the next season and the next book (supposedly due out this year) of Game of Thrones, the old and the new gods have smiled down upon us and given us The Pop Up Geeks.

The Pop Up Geeks are a UK based events team that specializes in particularly boozy themed pop-ups. And now they are bringing us a theme that will introduce us to the food and drink of the Seven Kingdoms.

Blood and Wine is a new pop up that is located on Dublin Street in Edinburgh and will be open every Wednesday and Thursday night throughout January and February. The Pop Up Geeks are not affiliated with Game of Thrones, but Blood and Wine is filled with wines and drinks inspired by the series, along with its characters and places, like "The Imp's Delight" and "Dornish Sour Red." For those who are not particularly wine fans, the pop-up also serves mead, as well as treats like "Frey Pies." 

The pop-up looks a lot like a pub from the series and any patrons should keep an eye out for hidden messages and props inspired by the characters, like a wanted sign for The Hound and a missing sign for Nymeria. The house sigils are also present throughout the pub.

For serious Game of Thrones fans, you better book your trips to Edinburgh. Drink heartily and remember some of Tyrion's best advice, "Everything is better with some wine in the belly." 

Keep on the lookout for more from The Pop Up Geeks this year as they are also planning a Walking Dead-themed pop up in 2017.