#SpoonTip: If you're way behind on your "Game of Thrones" game and haven't finished watching Season 6, I wouldn't read ahead. 

The "Game of Thrones" (#GoT) finale is creeping up on us, and we’re all on our toes about what comes next. The Blackfish is dead, Rickon is dead, Jon came back to life, The Mountain came back to life, and the Hound never died in the first place. The rest of the cast could be killed for all we know, and considering George R.R. Martin’s history, that’s totally plausible.

If you are like me in that #GoT has consumed your life and manipulated your emotions, you’ll need to honor this season in a very special way. To assist in that, I have devised a menu of #GoT inspired snacks and how to make them. All of these recipes can be made vegan with just a few tweaks, so you can be the Mother of Vegans. 

Tyrion Lannister Shortbread Cookies 

cupcake, cake, cookie
Kirby Barth

Tyrion is a little person, so obviously he’s short. He’s a cool dude that is often under appreciated by his family and superiors, even though he works hard to keep them safe. Because of that, we’re gonna bake him a cookie that nails every detail on his body, including that nasty scar he got on his face at the Battle of the Blackwater Bay. Thanks, Cersei. For this recipe, you’ll need red, yellow and blue food coloring and a gingerbread man cookie cutter.

Iron Throne Cupcakes

candy, bread, sweet, chocolate
Photo courtesy of @k8bytheocean__ on Instagram

More than once, the throne has been called an “ugly old thing,” but despite how ugly it is, it’s the basis of the whole show. Virtually everyone is fighting for their claim to the throne, and everyone loves cupcakes, so why not put them together? At least this throne tastes good. 

Dire Wolf Cookies

Those poor Starks deserve a little recognition. The Stark house sigil is a dire wolf, and you can use any kind of cookies with these, but sugar cookies are probably the easiest. If you’re crafty, you can bake them from scratch. If you’re not crafty, you can bake them with store-bought dough. Either way, use a wolf cookie cutter like this one and you have yourself a wolf pack of cookies. 

Sansa’s Lemon Cakes

popcorn, cake
Preet Bhaidaswala

Sansa has finally proven herself to be strong and ambitious versus the whiney little brat she used to be in previous seasons. But throughout the entire #GoT series, they mention several times that Sansa loves lemon cakes. So make her favorite and take a bit for Sansa. 

Ned’s Head Cake Pops

Good old dead Ned. I miss his noble ass, but if he hadn’t kicked it, #GoT would’ve been discontinued after one season. I guess cake pops are a kind of messed up way to salute the fallen honorable Ned Stark, but they’re yummy, so I’m sure he’d understand.

The Viper Cocktail

alcohol, juice, vodka, tea, cherry, martini, wine, cocktail, cranberry
Photo courtesy of @k8bytheocean__ on Instagram

OK, enough about the Starks, most of them are already dead anyway. With The Viper cocktail, we pay tribute to another one of my favorite fallen characters from a few seasons back, Oberyn “The Viper” Martell. He was an angry dude that loved to drink and suffered a nasty death, so we should honor him with a spicy cocktail.

Dany’s Dragon Eggs

lemon, cake
Kirby Barth

I’m banking on Dany to kill it for the finale because I’m dying to confirm the R+L=J theory. Think about it, she’d be Jon’s aunt! I’m confident in her because she finally has access to all three of her badass dragons that so many people have tried to take from her, #rude. Either way, you can make these chocolate Dragon Eggs. 

Brienne of Tart

beef, meat, pork, sauce
Kirby Barth

Because Brienne is a woman, she does not have the option of being an actual anointed knight, but she’s probably the most honorable and noble character on the entire show. She failed a few times, but is very dedicated to keeping the promise that she made to Cat back in season three. Honor her loyalty with her very own tart. 

If "Game of Thrones" hasn't consumed your life completely yet, at least now it will on the couch and in the kitchen. You really can have your throne and eat it, too.