On January 2nd, McDonalds rolled out its new campaign in what they are calling a “brand transformation”. While previous commercials usually end with “I’m lovin’ it,” it seems that in this new commercial McDonalds has a different idea for its marketing strategy and it’s targeting health freaks, vegetarians, and foodies alike.

The new advertisement points out how people who wouldn’t normally eat a McDonalds hamburgers cannot get a juicy burger anywhere else. It mentions how there is no kale, soy, or quinoa in the burger either, which is why it has such a unique and delicious texture. Check it out below for yourself.

This new vision that McDonalds is going after focuses a lot more on the meaning behind the “lovin'” aspect that it is so widely known for, rather then just stating it at the end of each advertisement. According to Chief Marketing Officer Deborah Wahl, this new platform will hopefully inspire not only its customers but its own advertising and marketing and how they interact with consumers.

She also states that “our brand’s renewed focus on lovin’ will come to life in ways that inspire people to recognize and celebrate the lovin’ they share with each other every day,” which she points out in this article posted on its website.

From a vegetarian’s point of view, it is a little offensive. I like to think the veggie burgers I make and even buy at restaurants are just as juicy and delicious as a hamburger, not to mention better for the environment and one’s health. Others seem to be in agreement, responding to a tweet McDonalds sent out on Sunday, shown below. It looks like McDonalds has big plans for 2015, we will just have to wait and see if this campaign is as successful as it hopes.