Enjoyed cartoons in your childhood? Well, we all have. I'm sure those comical caricatures still have a lasting impact on you, at least in terms of their favorite foods. Would you like to recall and cherish those food items that got fame through cartoons? Scroll.

1. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Pizzas

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Nikita Yadav

Let us all meet at my place and have a chat over Pizza? Yeah, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were also the same kind as ours. They also talked and relaxed over a Pizza Meal, after their crime killing motives. Pizzas being the irresistible bite, possess that savory taste without which no day-out or dine-in is complete. Indeed, we are so lucky to have pizzas available at almost every place and with over hundreds of topping variants to choose from. So, up for a Pizza?

2. The Simpsons and Doughnuts

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Nikita Yadav

Homer Simpson gets elated over Doughnuts. It just drives him crazy to eat those chocolate or pink confection topped doughnuts. Do they stop you from crying too? In the past few years, the trend of doughnuts has hiked like anything. People go bonkers over this tire-like sweet dessert. MOD and Dunkin have become the hub for these incredibly toothsome doughnuts. Glazed or Infused, Dipped or Sprinkled.. Doughnut is indeed a soother!

3. Doraemon and Doracakes

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Nikita Yadav

Food Items that got Fame through Cartoons is Dorayaki? Remember how Dora cakes gave wonders of happiness to Doraemon and Nobita. Japan's Dora cakes known as 'Dorayaki' are their authentic pancake sandwich made of 'red beans' and loads of chocolate filling, that spread heaps of excitement with its heard of lip-smacking taste. However, there is no way we could taste it, without searching for its recipe!

4. Bugs Bunny and Carrots 

Nikita Yadav

"Eh... What's up, doc?" was an all time dialogue of  Bugs Bunny whenever he ate carrots. Carrots and Bunny made a great couple to entertain their watchers. Carrots, being a nutritious vegetable serves various health problems and contributes as a tasty meal. If you don't favor raw carrot as Bunny, chop it, boil it and cook it fresh.

5. Popeye and Spinach 

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Nikita Yadav

Do you recall your mom bribing you to eat Spinach-made food to get powerful and full-of-strength like Popeye? Absolutely. It happened with like every kid who watched each episode of Popeye series. Undoubtedly, Spinach gave strength to Popeye to fight against Olive's rovers & keep us in a happy mood at that time, and it gives us strength to fight over hard-time diseases now too. So Spinach? Bring it on!

6. Winnie The Pooh and Honey

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Nikita Yadav

Winnie, The Pooh and his love for honey drove us more to watch their fun-time cartoons. Honey is known widely for its health aids and benefits, and so is the reason why Pooh fell for it. Pooh ranges from every hook and corner to get hold of his favorite food- honey.

Got up memories refreshed? Surely, you would have marked which was your favorite cartoon and how that food impacted on you. However, some foods would not have ever got so much fame and attention if these funny cartoon never came aboard!

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