Have you ever wondered what your favourite cartoon character’s favourite food actually tastes like? Well, we’ve got you sorted. We bring to you a list of eight fictional foods and their real-life counterparts. 


Solving mysteries involving creepy figures, whose sole mission is to scare a town, is reason enough to make an anthropomorphic dog and his human best mate, Shaggy very hungry. Enter Scooby snacks. The Mystery Van doesn’t go anywhere without these oddly-shaped crispy treats that seem to be a cross between a cookie and a biscuit boasting of butterscotch flavour.

In my mind, Pune’s gift to the world – the glorious Shrewsbury biscuit - that instantly melts in your mouth owing to the copious amounts of butter kneaded into its dough is a fitting real-life counterpart. There is no doubt that Scooby Snacks sit on top of the list as the ultimate comfort food. I recommend this recipe for Shrewsbury biscuits that is both delicious and relatively easy for us average bakers. 


The legendary animated musical, that found new life in the recent remake starring Emma Watson, is one that features a variety of interesting foods. However, let’s not fool ourselves – the grey stuff is what we’ve all always been after. Belle is seated at the dining room table as Lumiere offers her a number of desserts. There are cakes, pies, custards and tarts, but nothing is more intriguing than “the grey stuff“, a creamy pastry topping that Lumiere offers on a tray.

Currently, at the “Be My Guest” restaurant at Walt Disney World, this treat has taken the form of cookies and cream mousse on top of a chocolate cake or a sugar cookie. From the look on this person’s face, I believe it is time for us to try it too!


Every five-year old’s favourite blue cat, Doraemon has a specific dietary requirement - the dora cake, a Japanese pancake which is traditionally stuffed with a red bean paste. Listening to Nobita whine all day long has to have an upside and the dora cake makes the perfect reward.

In real life, the Japanese dorayaki can be stuffed either with jam or Nutella and boy, who can resist a plateful of stuffed, fluffy, golden pancakes on a Sunday morning? Find a recipe here that will, from this moment onwards, define weekend brunch.

4. Homer Simpson's Pink Doughnut & DUNKIN' DONUTS' STRAWBERRY FROSTED

With us just having celebrated National Doughnut Day on June 1st, there is one particular treat that deserves a special mention. No points for guessing. It is indeed the famous Simpson pink ring, the digene-coloured frosted, rainbow-sprinkled pillow of goodness.

Our best bet to experience a taste of this novel sweet is Dunkin' Donuts' "Strawberry Frosted" that can definitely provide stiff competition to its cartoon counterpart. The only difference-the sprinkles won't be placed as evenly as the ones on the treat that Homer is busy stuffing in his mouth. So long to the compulsive baker!


A juicy patty topped with onions, pickles, tomatoes, sea lettuce, sea cheese, a secret tartar sauce, ketchup, and mustard, all between two golden seaweed sea buns are the ingredients that make the best hamburger under the sea. For more than a decade, the town of Bikini Bottom has gone crazy for the Krusty Krab’s Krabby Patty. A fry cook with an unbeatable spatula and a secret recipe that is carefully guarded, this patty has got us dreaming about what the fuss is all about.

While the secret recipe features “a pinch of King Neptune’s Poseidon powder”, ours is all about the char-grilled flavour. I believe Burger King’s Flame Grilled range may just match up to the Krabby Patty. However, we really, really do wish there was a secret gateway to Bikini Bottom, simply to sample Krusty Krab’s finest.


The only cat in the world who prefers a piping dish of lasagna over a cold can of tuna (well probably the only cat with good sense and a refined palette), Garfield is the notorious pet of our childhood. While his deadpan expression is one that I would love to master, the masochistic relationship he shares with Jon is one we all steer clear from. This surprisingly expressive cat shares a lot with us, the average lot – he hates Mondays and absolutely adores lasagna – well, so do we!

To dig into that dish of piping hot, saucy lasagna that is guaranteed to win all hearts with its scorched, crusty, cheesy exterior, get to your neighbourhood Big Chill and order the Bolognese sauce lasagna with mozzarella cheese. This stuff is what dreams are made of! For all the unfortunate souls who cannot visit Delhi and sample this pasta dish, try this recipe at home-I guarantee it’ll knock your socks off!

7. Oswald’s Swizzleberry Icecream & BASKIN ROBBINS' VERY BERRY STRAWBERRY

We all remember the blue octopus of our childhood who actually had the privilege of buying his favourite bright pink ice cream from a talking snowman who produced ice creams for a living. With a spunky yellow flower, Daisy and a glum (but adorable) penguin, Henry as his best friends, Oswald sure lived a happy, happy life.

While Oswald’s standard order was a scoop of Swizzleberry ice-cream and a vanilla biscuit for Weenie (his dog, folks), we recommend you go for a double scoop of Baskin Robbin’s “Very Berry Strawberry” that is not only the same shocking pink that catches your eye but is also studded with pieces of fruit just like the one you stared at longingly as a child. So go ahead, grab this treat at your nearest outlet.


Fans of the cartoon Kim Possible will remember that Ron Stoppable invented the naco when he combined tacos and nachos into one glorious food item. Vaguely resembling a quesadilla, Ron’s ingenious creation made Bueno Nacho, the neighbourhood’s favourite Tex Mex restaurant a smashing success. Who wouldn’t love soft taco shells brimming with spicy meat stuffing and nacho cheese? The added bonus-a couple of nachos jammed in the shells right before grilling, that’s what we’re talking about.

Alas, that was just in cartoon land, but thanks to Taco Bell you can now get this delicacy for real. Of course, they call it the "Grilled Stuft Nacho" but there’s no denying this is Ron’s creation brought to life. However, Taco Bell has recently decided to discontinue this snack, no worries though because the recipe given here may just be Ron’s own copy. What are you waiting for, it is finally time to don those chef hats!

We hope this article not only tantalised your senses but also reminded you of all the cartoon characters that we loved and lived in our childhood!