Emojis are a part of everyday texting lingo. They express how we feel, what we're in the mood for, and are used to enhance the perfect Instagram captions. 

Before emojis, we were using symbols like: =) ;) and :( among other boring emoticons. Emojis have really upgraded how we express our emotions on social media, and what we are thinking without actually using direct words.

Egg in a Skillet: Basic and Down to Earth

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You're versatile and are down for anything, especially Sunday brunch and bottomless mimosas. You like to do, and eat familiar things, being very cautious and not taking big risks. Everyone loves you for your down to earth-ness and you will always be a crowd favorite.

Cherry: Lover

cherry, sweet, juice, berry
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You're a die-hard romantic. Long walks on the beach, intimate dinners, and watching the sunrise are some of your favorite activities. You are also a good kisser and expert wine taster. You enjoy surprising bae with flowers at work, fancy dinners, and giving meaningful presents. One wouldn't be surprised to catch you out and about in your red lipstick.

Pizza: Trendy

wine, juice, alcohol, beer
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Roses are red, pizza sauce is too. I just ordered a large, and none of it's for you. You're super trendy and with the times. You wear the newest styles and people look to you for inspiration. Like any pie with toppings, you like to take the basics and add your own flair. Everyone knows who you are, and you shine in the spotlight. 

Martini: Exquisite

martini, cocktail, olive
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Classy, elegant and sophisticated. The martini emoji is for those who can afford the finer things in life, like guac at Chipotle. You enjoy only a select group of friends and are not a fan of huge frat parties. Instead, you like nights out at a swanky bar, sipping away while schmoozing the ridiculously hot business men.     

Doughnut: Sneaky

chocolate, cake, chocolate cake
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You are the comedian of the friend group. You enjoy playing practical jokes, being mischievous, and making cheesy food puns. You do-nut care what other people think about you because you have such a loyal friend base. 

Pineapple: Warrior

pineapple, juice
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Tough on the outside, sweet on the inside. You do not take anyone's crap and everyone treats you like royalty because you wear a crown. You seem may seem mean at first, but once people get to know you, they love you for your sweet core.

Coffee: Multitasker

tea, coffee, espresso, cappuccino, black tea
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A true intellect, you enjoy poetry readings, sitting in Starbucks drinking "skinny" drinks, and just being a straight-up hipster. Or, you are a college student who procrastinates everything and needs all types of energy to stay awake. Either way coffee is life, especially in college when everything hits you at once.