Hamilton: An American Musical took the world by storm in lightening speed. Before we knew it, you couldn't look left without hearing about the show that's sold out years into the future. 

The Original Broadway Cast Recording, released in 2015, recently passed over 1 million copies sold in the US, according to Nielsen Music. 

As an avid Hamilton listener, I speak from experience when I say the only thing better than Hamilton is Hamilton and dessert. The two combined are a force to be reckoned with. Not sure where to start? Here are a few suggestions on the dessert you should eat based on your favorite Hamilton song.

"My Shot"—Galaxy Donuts

butter, chocolate, blueberry
Reed Erickson

Alexander takes over this track with immediate determination and passion for changing the world. To him, nothing is impossible. At 19, it seems like the entire world is at his beck and call, and all he has to do is go get it. You can be just like Alexander and have the entire galaxy in your hands with these vegan galaxy-glazed doughnuts. After one, you'll be ready to take on anything that comes your way.

"The Schuyler Sisters"—Magic Bars

candy, chocolate, sweet, fruitcake, cake
Eliza Budd

With Angelica leading the trio of Schuyler sisters, this song has the perfect mix of sweet and sassy. These sweet 'n salty magic bars are the perfect cross between Peggy's innocence, Eliza's cautiousness, and Angelica's dauntlessness. 

"You'll Be Back"—Chocolate Chip Cookies

chocolate cookie, candy, goody, pastry, cake, cookie, sweet, chocolate
Jocelyn Hsu

King George III spends three and a half minutes going on about how the colonists are going to regret leaving him. If this is your favorite song, your perfect match is a vegan chocolate chip cookie. Not only do you get to enjoy a mouthwatering sweet, you get to look good doing it. 


Jocelyn Hsu

Eliza swoons over Alexander in this song, beginning with the day they met to their wedding day. With so much love in one song, it would only make sense that the sweetest dessert is paired with it. Next time you listen to it, be sure to have this chocolate chip pizookie on deck. It's quick, easy to make, and a perfect match for Eliza and Alexander's love. 

"Satisfied"—Slutty Brownie Pancakes

bread, cake, chocolate
Hailey Maher

This heartbreaking tune sung by Angelica is sure to make your heart hurt for her. As she sings about how she sacrifices her love and happiness for her sister, it wouldn't be a surprise to anyone if a tear or two rolled down your cheek.

The cure to heartbreak? Chocolate on chocolate. You get all that and more with these slutty brownie pancakes. If that doesn't make you feel better after this song, there's not much else that will. 

"Non-Stop"—Giant Cookie

pastry, cake, chocolate, cookie, dough, pizza
Sidney Uttam

An upbeat ending to the first act, this song is sure to leave you feeling passionate and inspired to be just like Alexander — be non-stop — and change the world. 

If you want to be non-stop, you're going to need all the energy you can get. Luckily, this giant cookie with Oreos and chocolate chips will give you all of the energy you need and then some. 

"Say No To This"—Glazed Cake

sweet, dairy product, chocolate, cake
Isabella Darby

This song is usually where the cast doesn't even have to scream "NO!" because the audience does it for them, followed by exasperated sighs of disappointment. It's a lot easier to hear Alexander walk us through his perpetual weaknesses with Miss Maria Reynolds when you have a glazed cake sitting right in front of you. Now you and Alexander both have something you can't say no to. 

"Burn"—Chocolate Cream Cake

coffee, cake, goody, candy, milk, sweet, cream, chocolate
Clara Park

If "Satisfied" didn't have enough heartbreak for you to feel, "Burn" definitely does the trick. Eliza croons with such emotion, it almost feels like you're actually her and Alexander betrayed you. Chocolate is scientifically proven* to cure heartbreak, so what better dessert to pair this song with than this chocolate cream cake?

*Not actually scientifically proven unless you count nights I've spent listening to this song crying over a pint of chocolate ice cream as evidence. 

"Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story"—Cookie Monster Fudge

candy, goody, sweet, cake, chocolate cookie, cookie, chocolate
Max Bartick

The song that closes the entire show produces many emotions. As each character, especially Eliza, reflects on the life and achievements of Alexander Hamilton, we're left feeling a sense of nostalgia. The best way to complement nostalgia is with more nostalgia... which you can find in this cookie monster fudge

These are just a few examples of sweets that match the tunes based on America's favorite founding father.