Have you ever wondered, "what is the best food that I can serve on game day that everyone will like?" Well, we have your solution. Here is a definitive ranking of the best game-day foods.

10. Veggie Platters

vegetable, tomato, carrot, pepper
Christin Urso

It is always good to have a healthier, vegetarian option out for anyone who is not looking to eat all of the game-day treats. Also, it can be refreshing to have some veggies alongside of your hot wings. However, when there are so many amazing and indulgent foods to be eaten, the veggie platter is often forgotten. We still love you though, veggies.

9. Chips

nachos, sauce, corn, salt, salsa, tortilla chips, chips, cheese, guacamole
Max Lederman

Everyone has a classic bag of chips laid out on their table. Although they may go untouched at first, as the game goes on and the hot food disappears, these snacks come into play. Nothing against a beloved bag of chips, but there are plenty of other foods that can be served that are a bit more satisfying.

8. Cake

chocolate, cupcake, cake, frosting, girl
Jocelyn Hsu

Game-day buffets and tailgates are usually known for the mix of savory and salty bites, but it never hurts to have a sweet dessert around to celebrate a victory. Cake is also an easy crowd-pleaser, as opposed to something messy or complicated like a pie. You can go for smaller cupcakes decorated with your favorite team’s colors, or a big cake to share, but a football-inspired dessert is always necessary to have on hand.

7. Potato Skins

cream, bacon, sour cream
Cassandra Bauer

Who doesn’t love a freshly-baked potato loaded up with melted cheese and bacon?! Although these can be time-consuming to make on your own, there are some great frozen brands to heat up before guests come (or on your way out the door) that will still hit the spot.

6. Sliders

bread, egg, sandwich, bun
Jennifer Nigro

Most tailgaters will opt for the larger version of a hamburger when hauling their entire grill to a game, but if you already have a large spread of food, making the smaller adaptations of a classic burger are the way to go.  

5. Chili

soup, ramen, chili
Judy Holtz

This easy dish is a go-to for crock-pot lovers. Whether you are inside the house or outside tailgating, a huge bowl of warm and hearty chili can be a game day staple for many. To make it a bit livelier, top it off with garnishes like shredded cheese, sour cream, bacon, green onions, cornbread, or crackers. 

4. Nachos

Miranda Knight

This appetizer is a popular item for people looking to watch the game at their favorite bar. Easy to share and loaded up with toppings, nachos are a great way to get everything you want on game day. If you’re hosting game day at home, try doing a personal nacho bar where everyone can take a bowl and put on their own favorite toppings. Everyone wins, and no one has to worry about melted cheese hardening up from sitting out too long.

3. Beer

beer, alcohol, liquor, ice, wine, lager, juice, cider
Alex Frank

Just had to slide this in there. Although it is not technically a game-day food, it is still a must-have for most people. I mean come on, there is a reason why almost every super bowl commercial revolves around it.

2. Buffalo Chicken Dip

cheese, vegetable
Emma Randall

This one would be first on my list, but not all people like spicy foods. However, for those of us that have a passion for hot sauce, cheese and heaven in a baked dip... this is a quick and easy recipe for game-day feasts. This dip is sure to please many and it is highly unlikely that there will be leftovers. You can serve it with chips, bread, veggies, or even just eat it straight out of the dish. 

1. Chicken Wings

chicken, chicken wings, cutting board
Casey Tang

When I think football, the first food that comes to mind is chicken wings. Everyone loves them, and no party is truly complete without them. Whether they are bone-in or boneless, baked or fried, buffalo or BBQ, chicken wings are definitely the number one game-day food. 

So go forth and try out some of these dishes on Super Bowl Sunday. Message @Spoon_Bulldogs on Instagram or send us your pictures, and let us know your thoughts on this ranking!