Since the beginning of time, civilizations have been searching for the ultimate hangover cure. Nowadays there are numerous rituals and rumors surrounding the question, "how to cure a hangover?" and as I'm sure many of you have experienced, sometimes regular water just isn't the answer.

I recently heard from a friend that coconut water is the ultimate cure, but I was a little skeptical. We seem to be in the mindset in which anything with coconut in it has "special" powers, whether it be coconut oil, coconut water, or actual pieces of coconut meat. I decided to test out whether or not it actually does the trick.

We'll start at the beginning. It was a typical Friday night – I went out to dinner with a few friends and we had a few pitchers of our favorite cocktail. Then we went to a beer pong tournament, but I hate beer so I stuck to white wine.

Our next stop was a bar near campus. We proceeded to continue the night with some vodka cranberries ('cause why the f*** not?)

I wouldn't say my night was anything too crazy (for me at least) but I definitely knew I would be ~dehydrated~ the next morning. When I woke up, I actually felt okay but was dying of thirst. My head felt alright lying down, but I knew one wrong move and I would unleash the bowling ball that was prepared to pound into my skull. 

Instead of my normal post-drinking routine of chugging water and taking Advil, I decided to chug some coconut water instead.

After about 15 minutes of chugging away, to my surprise, I felt no different. I didn't feel instantly recharged or hydrated like I had hoped. And to be honest, I was pretty disappointed. I expected to feel like a new person and to be ready to take on my day. Even an hour later I still felt sluggish. 


Overall, I would say that coconut water did not cure my hangover. Maybe the secret is to chug it right before going to sleep and right when you wake up, but I'm not sure. I had had high hopes for this healthy alternate cure but I guess I'll just stick to my water and dining hall tater tots to get me back to life. Thanks but no thanks, coconut water.