Of course we all know that there are health problems associated with alcohol. However, a recent study from Brown University linked white wine with Melanoma, an extremely severe form of skin cancer. While alcohol has always been linked to cancer, this new study raises questions, due to the fact that this correlation is much higher than once thought. 

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How Does Alcohol Cause Cancer?

There are many ways alcohol could have an effect on cancer in the body. In the case of white wine, scientists are theorizing that when ethanol is metabolized, our bodies absorb the cancer-causing carcinogen, acetaldehyde.

Why White Wine?

The team of researchers at Brown University observed that the risk of consuming at least one drink per day increased the risk of Melanoma by about 14 percent! But what specifically did white wine do that other alcoholic drinks do?  Researchers say that white wine naturally has a higher level of acetaldehyde than other drinks do. For those who prefer red wine to white wine, the risk is slightly lower, due to all the antioxidants found in a glass of red.

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Studies showed that body areas that were typically covered by clothing, such as the chest, were 73% more likely to be affected by Melanoma, as compared to body areas with more sun exposure, such as the head, arms, or legs. 

Don't worry too much yet. Head researcher, Eunyoung Cho, warns that as this is a new study, she plans to look into it more to find the exact linkage and strong correlation between white wine and Melanoma.

So now what do you do!? Since this is such a new study, there is still a lot to look into. Cho suggest limiting alcohol consumption if one is at a higher risk for melanoma.

However, you don't have to give up your drink permanently. There are studies suggesting  red wine does have more benefits than white wine, as well as the idea that consuming alcohol in moderation may actually have some health benefits.