Let’s be honest. Airplane food is a hit or miss. Airplane snacks will always be a hit, though. There’s nothing like a ginger ale and a biscoff cookie to snack on during your flight. But sometimes more snacks are necessary. What if you’re not in the cookie mood? I think it’s necessary to have a box full of snacks. From Oreos to Doritos to Skittles, have all your favorite snacks in one box. You don’t want to have all your snacks mixed together (sorry, I don’t want my Oreos having Doritos chip dust) so, you’ll need a snackle box. On TikTok, many creators are bringing a snackle box on their flight for a never-ending snacking experience.

What should you put in your snackle box?

Whatever you want! Sweet, sour, savory, a mix of everything, the possibilities are endless for a snackle box — a leakproof container with slots (some containers have removable/adjustable slots) to fill with foods which some people use for charcuterie on the go.

In user @beefyhunk2000’s snackle box tour, Cheez-Its, jelly beans, goldfish, and gushers were just some of the snacks featured in the massive three-tier box. 

This box was the biggest one I have seen on TikTok, a single tier is the most common box.

“Life changing!! Even the flight attendants wanted some,” @jocelynperkes captioned her TikTok.

This is THE travel hack. Normally, parents make a snackle box for their kids to keep them occupied during the flight, but this is revolutionary for snackers. 

Snackle boxes aren't a hack for just flights, the customizable containers would be perfect for road trips and beach days, too.

Would there be issues getting snackle boxes through airport security?

There shouldn’t be issues going through TSA. You can pack food in a carry-on. Foods that are liquids, gels, or aerosols must comply with airports’ 3-1-1 liquids rule. However, “TSA officers make the final decision on whether certain items are permitted into the secured areas of the airport,” according to the TSA website.