As a lover of Skittles since before I can even recall, I will never forget which flavors I used to (and still) avoid. I've grown up eating Skittles and have watched the brand continuously make new flavors, but nothing truly beats the original packet of five colorful Skittles. It's been a personal favorite candy of mine for countless years and is loved by many. Here are all the original Skittles flavors ranked (worst to best) by taste. 

5. Grape

Personally, I avoid this flavor like the plague. Grape tends to be the flavor of everything that people either love or hate with a passion. I'm not exactly sure what it is about this Skittles flavor, but it's definitely not a favorite of mine. It's bland and doesn't have an authentic flavor, which ultimately makes it last on this list. 

4. Lime 

Although Lime could be considered one of my favorites, it's placed at number four because of it lacks a strong and unique taste. I consider this flavor to be more on the bland side because it doesn't exactly resemble the real taste of lime. Sometimes lime is swapped out for green apple instead, but lime is the better flavor of the two. 

3. Orange

Skittles accurately mimics the taste of an orange through this flavor. It is often a favorite among Skittles fans for its distinct taste and color. If you hate true orange flavor, this will likely be your least favorite flavor.

2. Strawberry

This flavor tends to be a crowd favorite thanks to its authentic fruity flavor. Strawberry is a crucial Skittle that should never be removed from any package. 

1. Lemon 

Lemon is the best Skittles flavor that's ever been created, in my humble opinion. The taste of this Skittle is unlike any of the other ones and can be identified even with your eyes closed. Its taste resembles the flavor of an actual lemon. Lemon Skittles should be appreciated and respected amongst all candy fans.

Now that the best flavors, based on taste, have been ranked for you, it's time to pick up a package of Skittles and rethink if your order matches my ranking. Skittles are a classic candy that now come in a bunch of flavors, but will the original always be the best? Regardless of which Skittle flavor is your favorite, remember to defend it.