Skittles are one of those candies that I can always count on when I'm in the mood for something sweet. They often come out with new flavour packs, and whether they fail or go down in history, Skittles rarely disappoints. Personally, I'm a Skittles maniac, so I used this article as an excuse to buy every flavour pack that we have in Canada and not worry about my friends checking me into a Skittles Anonymous meeting.

Each pack is ranked out of 7, since that's how many colours are in a rainbow. 

1 = If this is what a rainbow tastes like, I'm disappointed.

7 = I now know what rainbows (and happiness) taste like.


chocolate, goody, sweet, candy
Tulsa Williams

The sour pack could've been something beautiful, but maybe a little too sour. I enjoy eating my Skittles by the handful and my mouth paid the price. The words sour and binge-snacking do NOT go hand-in-hand.

Rainbow ranking: 3


cake, candy
Tulsa Williams

The equivalent of a tropical getaway for your tastebuds at a three-star resort. It's nice, but just not nice enough. The saving grace for this flavour pack was the banana berry Skittle — it had just enough pizazz to transport this flavour pack just past the halfway mark.

Rainbow ranking: 4


candy, cake
Tulsa Williams

Usually I'm in love with all things berry, but this flavour pack didn't sweep me off my feet. Maybe it's the melon berry flavour which I'm pretty sure Skittles invented, or maybe it was just that wild cherry and raspberry were almost the same shade of red making it a constant gamble for which one I picked, and I'm not a big fan of surprises. 

Rainbow ranking: 5


candy, chocolate, sweet, cake
Tulsa Williams

You can't go wrong with the OG Skittles pack. Call me old-fashioned but I love the original flavours. Ever since they switched out lime for green apple – probably the best decision Skittles has ever made – I've been head over heels. 

Rainbow ranking: 6 


candy, pizza, spam
Tulsa Williams

How I feel about the orchard flavour pack is how I imagine cats feel about catnip. There's no going wrong with flavours like peach, cherry, and red apple. It almost feels like you're walking through an orchard as you snack.

Rainbow ranking: 7

The Verdict

Some triumphed, others faltered, but all-in-all I'd say Skittles still puts out some of the best fruity candies out there. After suffering from an extreme sugar high – maybe even overdose – I can say I still love Skittles. With a flavour pack for almost every mood or occasion, there's really no going wrong!