Hipsters of the world, you probably already know the latest trend in coffee, but does everyone else? Bulletproof coffee should be and will be, your next biggest obsession. 

WTF is it?

You're not going to believe me when I say this, but it's coffee with grass-fed unsalted butter and Brain Octane Oil... made through a blender. HUH?!

I know what you're thinking, how can this possibly be good for you if it's made with butter? It is and I will tell you why. 

Grass-Fed Butter

When I think about butter, I immediately think of the buttery popcorn at the movies or the reason why people get heart disease.

Well, for bulletproof coffee, this is not the case.

Grass-fed butter is a good fat, just like the fat coming from avocados. According to nutritionist Dr. Axe, it is richer in fatty acids and soluble vitamins, meaning it has more of the good stuff. So, don't be afraid to have some grass-fed butter in your life. 

Brain-Octane Oil

This is a purified form of C-8 MCT oil, which is an oil that converts to ketones quickly in your brain, before glucose (aka sugar) can. The best part about this oil is there is no taste. Legit NONE. You can put it in so many things and not even realize. 

Unlike coconut oil, brain-octane oil goes straight to the brain and bypasses the liver giving you immediate energy. This oil guarantees a boost in your metabolism, a way to burn fat and build muscle and it improves cognition along with many other benefits. 

Putting It All Together

Blending all the ingredients together creates a thick creamy coffee that tastes absolutely delicious! Before you know it, your body will immediately feel the caffeine and be ready for a full day of studying, working and thriving.

Don't live near a local grocery store? It's okay because you can buy all the ingredients on Amazon and have them delivered directly to you. Switch out the normal coffee and join the next biggest trend!