Finals week or not, for most students caffeine is their sunshine. Wake up to a fresh cup of coffee, take a pit stop at one of our many Starbucks for an afternoon latte, or enjoy a warm cup of tea to keep your mind stimulated as you cram for tomorrow’s exam. Here is a list of great places on campus and downtown where you can get your daily caffeine fix!

On Campus:

All dining commons and convenience shops located in the commons serve a variety of “levels” of Seattle’s Best Coffee. If you need a weak level one to keep you moving or a potent level five to kick-start your day, the commons has it! Redifer, the South Commons, features a small café called “Off the Ground” where you can find an array of delicious caffeinated drinks.


Starbucks has a central location inside of the HUB, one on the east side of campus and also the west side of campus. Starbucks is known for its rich and scrumptious drink specialties. You are sure to find your caffeine fix here!

Dunkin Donuts also has a store located on the west side of downtown if you need a sweet-treat accompaniment to your sunshine.

Panera serves up some awesome coffee and provides a large, comfortable setting to enjoy it!

If you are looking for a more personal coffee experience try these:

Irvings: As well as an assortment of smoothies and danishes, this hot spot has many coffee options that will warm you up in this cold weather.

Webster’s: Though primarily a bookstore, Webster’s provides an intimate café setting. While you’re enjoying your hot beverage, you can poke around at used books and even records! (Who knew they were still relevant?)

Saint’s Café: In my opinion, this café has some of the YUMMIEST coffee in town! Brewing only the best, Intellisentsia, you will find their coffee to be unparalleled. This small café will provide you with your daily dose of sunshine and so much more!

During these dreary winter months it is difficult to find sunshine. Take a meander across campus or downtown to find your new study spot, hipster hangout, or even a date-night spot.